rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Early afternoon was very pleasant, the air not yet having become uncomfortably warm. I went outside to have my breakfast orange juice and read the paper. A pair of bumblebees arrived and engaged in what appeared to be a mid-air mating ritual. They hovered and swooped and glided around and over the rose bushes by the back porch. Their buzzing lent the day a sound much like an electric generator. It was hypnotic to listen to their buzzing and watch the two black dots encased in blurs of wings, their detached but dependent shadows dancing below them. The mild breezes brought whiffs of rose perfume. The serenity very nearly put me back to sleep, even though I'd only been awake an hour or so. The flight of the bees continued for at least half an hour, and was still going on when I went back indoors. They were gone when I checked again an hour later. I still felt like going back to sleep. Bee hypnosis is long lasting, I guess.

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