rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Also called "going cattawampus", but she gave no indication

Using Firefox because LJ is mistreating Opera again. All sorts of things were odd today. I somehow got my schedule wrong and thought that I had an appointment this afternoon, but it isn't until next week. Then I thought the evening was free, but there turned out to be things that needed to be done. I should have known something was wrong when, on arising, I'd gone out back to have my orange juice in the warm afternoon sunlight and I heard a squirrel furiously tapping with both forepaws on the trunk of a pine tree beyond the back fence. That squirrel was trying to warn me! Squirrels always know when things are about to go squirrely. That's why it's called going squirrely.

Now a late shower and then maybe a couple of minutes listening to the crickets, who grow more numerous each night. Each night grows warmer. Soon it will be windows open until dawn. Mmmm, May.

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