rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


One more day slips by, sun and shade, the sky a slow entertainment evolving but plotless, the warming air rose-scented and (by evening) vibrating with cricket chirps. I saw a black butterfly enjoying the golden poppies. The bushes by my window have been trimmed and now I see more of the lawn and the birds when they come to peck at it. The sourgrass is finally sporting a mass of small purple flowers. May is breathing down April's neck with sweet breath (and I've just realized that sounds like a description of a lesbian scene in a porn movie.) The longer the daylight lasts the less time I have, or so it seems. Certainly the less time I have for the computer. Maybe I'll come back later, maybe I won't. Right now moon wants watched, and then tasty tea will want drunk. Off to shower and smell as fresh as the night!

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