rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Neither One

The sky is being bipolar today, brightening for awhile, then turning dark and broody. The rain ended hours ago, but massy clouds keep rolling by until it seems the north must be crammed full of them by now. The shade they drag is chilly, and many of the town's chimneys are releasing wreaths of smoke. It is sufficiently pungent that I can now and then catch a whiff of it. Nothing else can penetrate my now-stuffy nose. I've barely sneezed, and I had only a day or so of runny nose, but mostly I've had a sore throat, so this isn't quite like any common cold or virus I've had before. If it's something entirely new, I wonder if they'll name it after me? Sorry, I can't make it today. I've come down with a Rejectomorph.

OK, brain still prone to weirdness. On to else.

Sunday Verse

Behind the Inculpable Trees

by Rainer Maria Rilke

Behind the inculpable trees
Slowly the old Fatality
Works out her silent face.
Wrinkles are drawing that way . . .
What down here a bird screeches
Bends off as a woe-line
At the hard soothsaying mouth.

O and the soon-to-be lovers
Smile on each other,ignorant of farewells.
Over them sets and rises
Starlike their destiny,
Still unoffered to them as experience
It dwells
Poised in the course of spheres,
An airy configuration.
—translated by Francis Golffing

Thunder! From dry sunlight, thunder!

Spring is splendid!

(But I must shut down before the power goes out.)

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