rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Crap. All day, weirdness and the brain-dead plagued me. And me with a virus still trying to take hold. I'm in no mood. Being contagious and drippy, I canceled my appointment for a chiropractic adjustment, too. That's going to have repercussions.

Here's some weird: We now have three wheelie bins, two of them gigantic. A new company is taking over the town's trash collection system and now everyone gets three company-owned wheelie bins. The small one is for what the company defines as garbage, the others for what the company defines as yard wast and what the company defines as recyclables, respectively. The garbage will be picked up every week. The others will be picked up alternate weeks. The complex and elaborate division of various wastes (long lists of dos and don'ts) and their storage for various times is going to be a pain in the ass. It's all for the sake of the environment, of course.

But most of the actual garbage that isn't mulched goes into the septic tank via the garbage disposal, to be broken down by enzymes; we were doing OK with our recycling before, as were most people in town; and most of the yard waste generated in town will still be either burned (still allowed here, part of the year) or mulched, so most of the time the huge bins will just sit there being in the way. We also now have three old trash cans of our own which have themselves now become trash. No arrangements have been made by the company to recycle them. Multiply all this by the more than 10,000 households in this town. The company is called Northern Recycling and Waste. Waste, I think, is the operative word. Oh, yeah: the price of the service has gone way up, too. Yay, private enterprise.

Wake me when it's Armageddon. I'll want to salivate and watch.

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