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The storm kicked up a wind and rode it over the mountains. It's probably nosing into the Rockies now, with its tail shadowing the deserts of Nevada. Here, the day's been all bright sun and gusty breezes. The washed air must be low in pollen as I've not sneezed all day. The temperature has been perfect for me, meaning just a bit too cool for the bees. I spent as much of the day and evening as possible outdoors, knowing the heat will soon arrive. I'll enjoy that, too, until it becomes too familiar again, but spring coolness is never around long enough to become too familiar. It's a few hours here and there, balanced, arriving and departing quickly with a serene stillness between, like birds perched on wires.

Sunday Verse

The Valley Wind

by Lu Yun (CE 262–303)

Living in retirement beyond the World,
Silently enjoying isolation,
I pull the rope of my door tighter
And stuff my windows with roots and ferns.
My spirit is tuned tot he spring-season;
At the fall of the year there is autumn in my heart.
Thus imitating cosmic changes
My cottage becomes a Universe

—translation by Arthur Waley

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