rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There's been rain all afternoon, and the diffused spring sunlight gives the overcast sky a pearly glow while the raindrops clinging to leaves and blades of grass glitter brightly. The moss on the tree trunks has quickly returned to the dense, luxuriant state it possessed a few weeks ago. The entire landscape has a richness born of deepened colors and subdued light.

Neither rain nor breeze has been strong enough to make the acorn woodpeckers perch on the lee side of the telephone pole for any length of time, but I've seen one or two stop there briefly now and then to escape a gust of wind. The air is actually warmer than it was before the storm arrived.

If there's a lull in the rain I might be tempted to go for a brief walk, though not too far. Spring storms have a habit of spewing downpours as they near their ends, and I've gotten caught in these a couple of times. At the moment, a periodic brightening of the sky where the sun seems about to break through suggests that such a terminal outburst may not be far off. Or this brightening might be merely a thin spot in the clouds, and there could yet be hours of rain ahead. One never knows with a spring storm. There might even be thunder and lightning, though there's been no sign of them yet.

The only thing missing is cookies. I'd intended to keep some on hand for rainy days, but forgot to replenish the supply. Graham crackers and tea, then. I'm not getting out in this to go to the store.

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