rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

In which still more words make their way onto teh Interwebs

Looks as though last night's chill was more fluke than trend. It's cool this evening, but the night probably won't get cold enough for me to fire up Sluggo again and finish dealing with the accumulated mail in the Juno in-box. Last night's connection fetched close to 200 new items, with surprisingly little spam. The in-box already contained about 800 messages I'd never gotten around to. Most of them were newsletters to which I'd subscribed back in the Slug days. I didn't transfer them to my new address when I switched ISPs, because I used to spend way too much time reading them. Curse interesting stuff! Anyway, I managed to deal with a bit more than a third of the accumulation before Sluggo decided he would take another nap. I doubt I'll ever see that in-box empty, unless I just delete most of its contents unexamined.

I'm not at all satisfied with the Hunt article. Aside from its unfinished feel and its lack of proper footnotes and the fact that it reads as though it had just been dashed off (which it was, I suppose, though it took the better part of the night, what with all the web searching and such) I suspect it of being full of inaccuracies due to some of the sources being a bit flaky. I really don't like being confined to Internet sources—and free Internet sources, especially. The public library here has no subscriptions to any of the pay-to-see web content I might find moderately useful, and it's open so few (and such odd) hours each week that I find it more trouble to use the place than the few decent books it has physically available are worth. I'll get around to cleaning the article up a bit eventually, but probably not tonight. Tonight I want some time to do nothing, before my brain melts.

There was a bit of wind last night, chasing the last of the storm away, and it brought down a couple of short sections of the back fence, which had to be patched today lest more varmints have access to the yard. I now have an explanation for why the cat was so freaked when she came in late last night. She must have witnessed the collapse. Luckily the wind has left the air fresh and clean, and that will improve my mood—as long as I leave the machines off. The place always smells good for the first couple of days following a spring rain, and the pollen count is down too when it's been dampened, so I've had the windows open. Once darkness falls, there'll be a good-sized moon to look at, and I'll get some use out of the two new sweaters I bought this year. Life off teh Interwebs is OK.

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