rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Ants scurried about on the back porch, carrying things (probably edible parts of other bugs), lending the afternoon an almost urban quality. Given a free hour, I left ambition to the bustling formicids and lazed, like a slug on a leaf. I, however, unlike a slug, left no slimy trail once I'd roused myself and gone off to engage in actual activities. A good thing, too, as a slimy trail would be one more thing needing to be cleaned up.

More rain could be on the way, but again I'm not expecting it to amount to much. Spring sometimes brings thunderstorms, which would be a nice diversion, but this year has thus far been so tame that I doubt it's got a thunderstorm in it. I can't blame it. I'm still feeling pretty sluggish myself. In any case, whatever rain there might be is supposed to arrive by Monday. I think I'll nap until then.

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