rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Further markdowns!

Another shopping day. I need not go naked for at least another year now. Good fortune for the world. Be sure to thank K-mart.

Shopping just eats time, though, no matter how one may rush. It doesn't help when the store has but one checkstand open.

Anyway, late again. Here's this:

Sunday Verse

After Lunch

by Po Chu-I

After lunch—one short nap:
On waking up—two cups of tea.
Raising my head, I see the sun's light
Once again slanting to the south-west.
Those who are happy regret the shortness of the day;
Those who are sad tire of the year's sloth.
But those whose hearts are devoid of joy or sadness
Just go on living, regardless of "short" or "long".

–translated by Arthur Waley

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