rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Post eaten by Opera. Opera is a bit hungrier than it used to be. It might be because I'm making it have too many tabs open at once. I'd copied the post to clipboard, just in case, but forgot it was there and copied something else and thus displaced it. I don't like clipboard. I ought to have copied it to Opera notes. Anyway, it's gone, and it was based on a Google search result which I'm now unable to duplicate. I'll never be able to reconstruct that post. Teh Intrawebs giveth and Teh Intrawebs taketh away. Wondrous are the ways of Teh Intrawebs.

And now a weather report.

It was a nice afternoon, but I had to keep my windows closed through most of it because trees were being murdered! Well, to be honest, one of them was already dead and needed to be taken down before it fell and did damage, and the other wasn't actually murdered, but trimmed severely because one oddly formed branch was getting really big and beginning to interfere with its neighboring trees and was eventually going to cause trouble. Other parts of the tree were trimmed as well and now its all tidy and boring. Anyway, the chain saws didn't shut up for hours and I was glad when it was over. I much prefer listening to the frogs who are now filling the warm, clear night with their song.

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