rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Civilization As We Know It

Antichrist on a Kraft Singles slice!

Walmart is selling "Hand Painted Oil Reproduction[s] on Canvas" of famous paintings! (On-line only- please try to control your disappointment.)
"Beautify your home with framed art from master artists like Van Gough [sic], Picasso, Da Vinci and more."

My guess is that the hands doing the painting are not American, but the items are still pretty pricey by Walmart standards, even after being discounted.

Discounted? Yes. Check out this price slashing: 54% off Hopper's Two on the Aisle!

That's for the 30"x30" version, but if your wall space (or your budget) is too small, you can also get it in 24"x24" or 16"x16", at slightly lower prices.

And they all come with frames!

First there were frozen fish sticks, and now this! Outsourced art for the masses! Oh, that I should live in an age of such wonders! I can barely contain myself! Or my lunch!

must go plotz

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