rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

It's No Subject Line Thursday!

The other day I went to check out an old message board on which I'd once posted some stuff. I was thinking I might grab a few of my comments which were on subjects I've lately been dealing with again in other places and put them someplace easily accessible and probably safe from deletion (meaning private posts to my seecrit LJ account.) Too late. The whole board had been wiped out. The stuff I'd want isn't on the wayback machine, either. Curse the unreliability of teh Internets. Curse my procrastination.

Lately I've been cobbling together a collection of .pdf files of various texts dealing with California history and historic monuments and, in particular, architecture. Here and there I find pdf's of such things as brief biographies of California architects, or of applications to add one particular building or another to the National Register of Historic Places, but these things are few and scattered. A while ago I visited the website of the Colorado Historical Society, and found that they have a pdf of an entire book called A Guide to Colorado's Historic Architecture and Engineering, available for free download! I haven't nabbed it yet because the file is over 30MB and will take ages to fetch on dial-up. Because the book is a guide to common styles and types of buildings rather than a history of Colorado buildings specifically, I suspect it would be applicable to any place in the U.S. It probably has pictures, too (as such books usually do, and there has to be something other than words in it to account for that 30MB+.)

The premature springiness continued today, and I begrudged every minute I had to spend indoors. The dogwoods across the street are about to bloom, and our peach tree is already showing tiny blossoms. Everything ought to be quite colorful by the weekend. I now want the winter to be definitely over. Last year there was a freeze after the peach tree bloomed and as a result there were no peaches. I'll be very cross with the weather if that happens again this year.

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