rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Quick March

Balmy noon's horizon displays a silver sheen, while overhead the small, white clouds reflect bright sunlight. Later, the sky tumbles the cloud masses over us and the forest is shaded. A squirrel scampers down an oak bole, scolded by an acorn woodpecker perched on a low branch. The silver is close now, but intermittent, edging the dark, vaporous masses which have given the sky the look of a marble dome. All afternoon the wind drags shade overhead, and then evening is a luminous bruise until the swallowed sun's last light is gone. Now it's the clouds that are pale, and the clear spaces are dark except where they are pricked by a few dim stars.

The waning moon won't rise until after ten o'clock, and the trees will keep it tangled among their limbs until midnight. If the clouds grow thicker it may not appear at all. If the clouds thin a bit, the moonlight will reveal a sky with a wintry look, but there's no wintry feel. The nights are not yet warm enough to bring the sound of crickets, but the frogs are filling the forest with their songs and I need no jacket to be comfortable while sitting on the porch listening to them. In fact, the afternoon felt colder than this night does. There's an unmistakable air of spring now, and I don't think these clouds will stick around for long. Dry days are ahead, hinting of summer even before the vernal equinox has come.

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