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Warming [Mar. 2nd, 2007|05:09 pm]
Snow-melt gurgles through the downspout and away to one of the engorged streams on its way to the valley. Most of the rooftops were bare of snow by late afternoon, and the greater part of the ground is exposed again. A flamboyantly tree of unknown variety at the block's end survived being encased in snow, and all its blossoms appear to be intact. There are small blossoms emerging on the peach tree by the driveway now. Most of the camellias are still at the bud stage, having had their development arrested by the storm. They are now running about as late as everything else is early. If no more icy storms arrive, it looks as though full-blown spring will be underway by next week.

The air was mild enough to allow me a couple of hours of open windows today. The room smells much better as a result. During the dozen hours of power outage I burned a few candles, including a fat, scented candle that came from one of those dollar stores. It was supposed to be vanilla, but even before burning it I was skeptical of the claim. After it had been lit for a while I realized what its true scent was. It was diesel. The whole house smelled of diesel for hours, and a faint hint of it remained until this afternoon's airing out. I'm glad to be rid of the residue. No more bargain scented candles.

I came across a website which sports this biographical sketch of ZaSu Pitts, who happens to be the one and only person whose autograph is in my celebrity autograph collection. It's a singular collection. I've occasionally had the opportunity to get other celebrity autographs, but didn't want to spoil the collection by over-expanding it. It looks as though I was wise to practice such restraint. That La Pitts is now the subject of a biographical sketch on the Internets is an indication that her reputation is ascendant. I fully expect that, within a few years, my autograph collection will increase in value enough to provide me with means sufficient to a comfortable retirement. Thanks, ZaSu!

[User Picture]From: whathisname
2007-03-03 09:48 am (UTC)
I've got a biographical sketch of Ms. Pitts in my book. How did you happen to get her autograph?
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[User Picture]From: flying_blind
2007-03-03 01:16 pm (UTC)
It was at the Pasadena Playhouse, a high school drama class field trip to see The Curious Savage. After the play the whole class went backstage where ZaSu Pitts was signing autographs. I wasn't intending to get one, but a girl in the class who was very shy asked me to get one for her, and have it signed "to Pat", and when Ms Pitts thought I was Pat I said without thinking, no that's Pat over there my name is Joe, and then I thought, well, ZaSu is going to think I don't care about her if I don't ask for an autograph too, so I had her sign my program as well. It's been my sole lapse into celebrity worship of any sort (though I did many years later find myself nearly dazzled into stammering by Octavio Paz after hearing him give a particularly impressive poetry reading.)
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