rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Numerical Palindrome

2002. Same forward and back. A thought crossed my mind. Maybe we could live the year backward, from December 31st to January 1st. Like T.H. White's Merlin. Everybody at LiveJournal is accustomed to things being backward, anyway.

In good news, I an only one hour behind on my schedule today. I managed to get six hours of uninterrupted sleep. I squeezed in a fifteen minute walk in the cool fresh air. And my e-mail inbox is down to fifty, and only about half of it looks like spam.

I know that the arbitrary western new year has already begun from Australia to Europe, and will soon begin on the east coast. Everyone is probably out partying, or already hung-over. I sort of like the fact that California is almost the last place to see the new day and the new year. I like to think of San Francisco in the mid 19th century, the only city of any significance for a thousand miles, sitting there in splendid isolation like a small light in a vast darkness. Being at the end of the clock brings back a bit of that sense of adventure, of being on the edge of something new, something amazing, awaiting wonders.

To all my LJ friends, and any wanderers who may happen upon this page, a happy new year.

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