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Oink! [Feb. 17th, 2007|03:31 pm]
Not merely The Year of the Pig, but The Year of the Fire Pig! Yum! I can almost smell the spareribs already! Basted with Good Fortune!

But my guess is that the year will be about like any other. About the same percentage of the population will die, a slightly larger number of kids will be born (as will continue to be the case every year for some time to come), some people and places will be more prosperous than last year, and some will be less so. At least a few places will suffer terrible disasters, but most of the world will experience only the usual, low-grade irritation. In short, the pig will be a typical turkey.

As far as the roasting of pigs goes, I'm surprised nobody around here is doing it yet. As I suspected would happen, all sorts of plants are beginning to bloom, and late February is looking a lot like early April. The balmy afternoons would be perfect for barbecues, but so far there've been none. What there have been is bees. These are local bees, I'm sure, even though this is the time of year when about 70% of the domestic bees in the U.S. are in California, most of them brought hither to pollinate the ever-more-important almond crop.

The almond groves are mostly down in the valley, so the visiting hymenopts are unlikely to make it up here in any great numbers. But the working guests have arrived at a good time. They, and the almond growers, may turn out to be the greatest beneficiaries of the mild weather. Of course, a cold snap would reverse the bees' fortunes quickly, but at least they'd have had a few days of feasting before disaster struck. They'd miss The Year of the Pig, though. Tough luck.