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Welcome back, almost-gray sky. It turns out there's now a chance of rain on Thursday. It looked like it this evening. The lengthened dusk featured a sky bruised with clouds. The air begins to smell damp, too. I'll be pleased to have some water falling from the sky, but even more pleased to have the dryness gone from the air. I'll breathe more easily with just a bit of humidity. It's still almost balmy out though, so I'm expecting the rain to be more spring-like than would be the case in a normal February.

My missing LJ e-mail notifications have been coming in. It turns out that there's a lot of late stuff from sites other than LJ, too, so I have to blame my ISP this time. In fact, I've had several disconnects over the last few days. I hope the company isn't about to go bust. I'm paid up through November of this year.

6A is terribly pleased with Vox, the dumbed-down LiveJournal semi-clone for the technologically inept that it started some time ago. Well, it's just the gosh-golliest blogging site ever! I set up a Vox account months ago, just to try it out, but I've only used it a couple of times. It worked OK for a while, but the last few times I've tried to open the site, it's caused Opera to crash. Vox must have changed something, because Opera is still the same. I suppose I could try it with Firefox, but I haven't felt like bothering. I find the sudden incompatibility of Vox and Opera annoying not because I want to use Vox myself, but because I now have to be careful not to open a Vox page accidentally and thus endure the inconvenience of a crash.

Meantime, PC magazine, itself so impressed by Vox last October, now also has nice-ish things to say about LJ.

Somewhat related: Someone finds LJ's culture confusing, maybe even a bit disturbing, the more so because of his popularity here. Heh. Imagine how freaked he'd have been if he'd gotten popular at DeadJournal instead.

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