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Found Prosepoetry!

The day will soon come on which I'll fail to post an entry simply because I lose track of the time while having too much fun on teh Internets.

One thing that was fun today was when I had occasion to fetch a translation of a Spanish language web page containing a biography of Argentinian composer Julio Cesar Sanders, the guy who wrote that 1927 tango hit (everywhere but Argentina) "Adios, Muchachos". Computer translation still has a long, long way to go.

" the country of the dollar"

Julio Caesar Sanders
Completo name: Sanders, Julio Caesar
Pseudonym: Renée Sandor
Musician, pianista and composer

or it had an outstanding performance in the Buenosairean musical atmosphere, because he was one of so many that teemed that then in that world noctámbulo of milonga popular that was reflected in the Currents narrows.
Its vocation took it to frequent whichever places allowed to demonstrate its pianísticas aptitudes, tying thus to radiotelephony from almost its birth, delighting listeners by several stations.
Its reputation finds it in the composition, very specially in one, “Good bye, Boys” who are the tango of more fame in the world, more popular than “To Average Light”, “Caminito”, “the Choclo”, “the Cumparsita”, that follow to him universally in that order. In several films yankis of the decade of the 30 is had including that musical subject that as much it pleases in the country of the dollar.
Per 1924 first work gave to publicity his, the tango “Inglesita” that has letter of Horacio Zubiría Mansilla and to that it added to him: “Skull”, “Been conceited”, “Old Patio”, “Cieguita Poor man”, “Largálo”, “Sparrow of my District”, “Canillita”, “Good bye, Boys”, the renowned one who recorded all the interpreters and all the orchestras, and between some other tango, beautiful valses with verses of Enrique Cadícamo “I only twenty years had”, that Agustín recorded
Magaldi, and “Moon of Suburb” that create Char it and sing in the film “the crazy people of 4° floor”. “Old patio”, letter of Cadícamo, recorded Rosita Quiroga.
In addition to Mansilla and Cadícamo, they collaborated in its work Caesar F. Vedani, Rodolfo Sciammarella, Elio Rietti, Daniel Lopez Barreto.
Due to the world-wide success of “Good bye, Boys”, made with Vedani, author of the letter, a trip to Europe in 1928 and like all Argentinean who walked by Paris that year, of step or tourist, he went to see Carlos Gardel that by those days acted in “the Flowery” night club, receiving them delighted the singer who alluding to the tango said to them: —"¡What tangazo boys...! ¡What stuck the one of you...!“It was not for less, he had imposed it in Spain and France and since then everybody sang “Good bye boys, companions of my life...".
In 1936 musician the Argentine film “Canillita”, carried out by the popular Amanda Ledesma, and made other trips to Europe like also to North America.
Sanders was born in Quilmes (versus. Ace.) the 13 of February of 1897 and passed away the 10 of June of 1942 there.

Perhaps I'm too easily entertained, but I find that even more amusing than the stuff that comes with spam! Once again I am moved to speculate that the ghost of Gertrude Stein may be hovering about the digital ether, having a great old time messing with everybody's translation programs... and she's obviously been munching some of Alice's brownies again!

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