rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Chill Induced

Hah! You people in the east can't say I didn't warn you to flee for your lives! Now you'll all freeze! There's no sign of respite from the freeze in California, so there's probably at least a week of it ahead for any place east of here.

If you get to keep your electric power, here's Internetly entertainment for those long, cold nights: Antichrist on a cracker! Those factions really get into it! I suppose we can consider it a sign of progress, though, that none of them are getting their fingernails pulled out, and nobody is likely to end up being burned at the stake. I hear that, in the old days, no Wikipedian was safe from such a fate!

Oh, it's dark again. Why does that keep happening? It must be caused by dinner. Every single time I eat dinner, it soon gets dark outside. I'd hate to have to give up eating dinner just to keep the sun up.

Shower, before the house gets too cold.

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