rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So balmy today it felt as though the earth had flipped over and we were suddenly the southern hemisphere. Sitting in the back yard listening to the acorn woodpeckers chattering away, I kept expecting to hear the buzz of insects. However, they probably knew that flowers would fail to miraculously bloom. I guess it isn't spring yet. Sure feels like it though, for the moment.

Speaking of flipping (and insects, sort of), the Sacramento Bee had a feature article today about a web site tracking housing prices in the area. Sacramento Area Flippers in Trouble makes for interesting reading. The price declines suffered by some Sacramento area houses on the market in recent months are remarkable, and the houses still don't look like bargains. This is probably more an early warning than the actual popping of the bubble. A lot of places in California are still way overpriced. This could be an interesting year.

The date for the arrival of rain and cold air has been pushed back to Thursday at the earliest. I'll be patient, but I'd hate to see the lawn already turning brown again from lack of water, and I don't intend to irrigate anytime soon.

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