rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The sun, returning, brightened a landscape green with winter grass fed by the rains. The dust of pulverized autumn leaves has settled and been washed away, leaving the cool air fresh and clear and the pavements tidy. All the mossy winter coats on the trees trunks are dark and luxuriant, and the acorn woodpeckers perch on bare branches and sing (if the chuckling squawks the acorn woodpeckers make can be called song.) I stood outside for a while and found the sunlight surprisingly warm, and remained comfortable in shirtsleeves as long as the air was unstirred; but even a slight breeze would bring a chilly reminder that this is December. Still, the evening was noticeably longer than a few days ago, and the green grass brought its own reminder of the spring which waits beyond winter. It's a bit early for spring fever, but I'm anticipating it nonetheless.

Public Domain Imagery

Architectural photographer Carol M. Highsmith has released much of her work to the public domain, and it is being made available in the form of high quality scans which can be downloaded from the Library of Congress web site. So far, the Carol M. Highsmith Archive contains more than 2500 scanned images, with more on the way. They include both contemporary and hsitoric buildings. Highsmith works with large format (4x5) film, so this is some of the highest image-quality architectural photography available on the Internet.

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