rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sleeping Through Everything

The winter solstice took place yesterday afternoon at 4:22, local time. Maybe that's why I've spent so much of the last twenty-four hours in hibernation. Or maybe I've got some new temperate zone version of sleeping sickness. Whatever the cause, I've been unable to keep my eyes open for a surprising percentage of the time. I did get out for a while this afternoon for some wan sunlight and chilly air, but mostly I've been dozing off when not doing chores. I can't say I greatly miss being awake. There's not much going on in this part of the real world anyway. I might feel differently if I lived in a livelier place, but here I might as well curl up for a nap at every opportunity, as the cat does. Cats know how to live in places such as this. In fact, I think I'll take another nap now. The cat has already started.

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