rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Now that the air is clear and crispy, sounds are louder. That the few remaining dry leaves decorating the pavement skitter a bit more loudly when carried along the street by a breeze does not bother me. That the caws of crows are sharper is not offensive. That I can hear from greater distances the occasional barking of dogs is no problem. But when the blower the gardener uses to tidy the yard on the corner sounds as though it were right outside my window while I'm trying to sleep, that just pisses me off. I wake up, open the drapes and see the glare of afternoon sunlight where there was shade a few weeks ago, and I suddenly feel crowded by sky (it comes right into my yard!) as well as by the noise. All that loud emptiness so near! It's even more chilling than the cold air!

But it's more the noise, and probably the rude awakening, that distresses me, and not the startling view of bright, vacant sky. Once the gardener finishes his task and the machine falls silent, I find the day less disturbing. In fact, the skittering of leaves I can now hear sounds nice. I decide that the sound of the crows is downright pleasant as well. The dogs barking do make me feel a bit sad, but then distant dog barks always do that, whatever the weather. And the glaring sunlight is made enjoyable by the knowledge that it is soon to be swallowed by the trees to the west and then by the night. I guess I'll forgive the noisy gardener, as being wakened early has allowed me a bit more afternoon to enjoy. This being the time of year when afternoon hours are in short supply, they're worth losing a bit of sleep for.

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