rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Seasonal Music of the Night

A stray chocolate chip found its way up against my hot coffee cup and got itself melted. Now there's a tasty mess to be licked up. As long as my schedule is utterly screwed anyway, I'm indulging myself with coffee.

Somebody in the neighborhood has got some bells of some sort. A recording, I suppose, and the bells sound as though they are of digital origin. I hear their eerie noise floating through the night. It's probably Christmas music, but I don't recognize a single song. In fact, it reminds me of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells, which were used in the score for The Exorcist. Now I'm picturing Santa projectile vomiting and turning his head through 360 degrees.

Last night I finally got the room cold enough to keep Sluggo operating long enough to look through all the backlog of e-mail from my Juno account. I found stuff from way last August that needs to be answered. Time is out to get me.

Pizza for dinner, which gave me indigestion. It's gong to be a long night. A long, cold night.

Heh. The LJ "Location" feature is fun to mess with. Google Maps is going to hate me.

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