rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A marvelous thunderstorm, complete with wind-driven hailstones smacking the windows, forced me to shut down the computer for a couple of hours. There turned out to be no power outage, but I heard a large branch fall from a tree to the south. I haven't been out to see it because, though the thunder and lightning have moved on, steady rain continues to fall. I wouldn't be able to see much in the dark anyway. I'll get a look at it tomorrow. So fierce a thunderstorm is rare this late in the year, but this weather system has been unusually warm for December and must be full of pent up energy. I still hear distant rumbling in the mountains now and then. As rain is expected to continue through Tuesday at least, with a possible break on Monday, there's a chance for still more electrical spectacle. As long as it doesn't fry my electronics, I'm not displeased. December is often so dull a month, and it's nice to have it livened up.

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