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Every few days I've been getting the feeling that I'm coming down with a cold, but it doesn't develop. Back in the days when I could count on having a cold at least once a year, it was usually about October or November that it would arrive. Now, sometimes I sneeze and have a sudden fit of nostalgia. I imagine eating chicken soup and drinking lots of orange juice as I used to do when I had a cold. I actually had some fairly good times when I had colds. It wouldn't be a good idea to have one now though. Colds are much easier to deal with when you're younger. As you age, the chances of complications increase. I could end up with pneumonia. So I'll exercise the caution I've learned and avoid letting the sniffle develop any further.

This morning the sky was very red for a few minutes and it looked as though there might be a spectacular sunrise, but it piddled out. Now there's just the conventional brightening of the east. It's probably for the best, as it presages a sunny afternoon and the lawns are covered in leaves that still need some drying before they can be raked. If I get to sleep soon I'll wake in time to be able to take care of that mundane task today. Ah, the excitement!

Here's something I wish I hadn't found: A Wikipedia article called Culture of California. It is a veritable pig's breakfast of confused statements, broken links, grotesque grammar, bizarre spelling and punctuation, and a mingling of the asinine with the merely inane. It is what Wikipedia is often all about, alas. A user on the talk page of the main California article suggested that the culture article was in need of help. It's good to know that understatement can still exist on teh Interwebs.

But then there's somebody at Wikipedia who obviously likes old movie musicals. I find that this is the sort of thing that Wikipedia does best-- stuff that's not particularly serious and no longer especially popular. Nobody comes along and screws with the articles, sot hey tend to remain stable over the long run, and any misinformation they may contain is unlikely to make a mess of anybody's view of reality. A few decent articles on old movies isn't enough to redeem the place, though.

Another collection of trivialities. I could be sleeping.

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