rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Neck yanked yesterday afternoon. Naps all night. In between, being outraged and aggravated by Wikipedia and then discovering Tag Gallagher's home page. (Gallagher, for those who haven't heard of him, is the author of noted books on directors John Ford and Roberto Rossellini.) The page features links to a considerable number of Gallagher's articles (there are also a couple of non-functioning links to .pdf files), including this lengthy survey of Ford's work to 1947. It made up for all the crap I'd seen earlier at Wikipedia (which, not surprisingly, lacks an entry on Gallagher-- the fortunate man.)

Also, the Tony Bennett special to air on NBC tonight was filmed at the Los Angeles Theatre, so there might be some shots of the venue in the program. I wasn't intending to watch it (not a huge Bennett fan), but now I guess I might take a look. I always like seeing that place when it pops up in a movie or a commercial, which it does fairly often. I like to know it's still there.

It was gray and rainy here yesterday and will be so again today. I'm pleased.

Sleep now.

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