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Took me forever to find this stupid page and I don't want to lose it again so I'm linking it here. It's a list of L.A. County locations on the National Register of Historic Places. Via the links at the bottom of each page you can reach similar lists for other locations. The National Parks Service makes these pages extremely difficult to find from their site, and I just happened to stumble on one of them tonight.

Another thing weird about the National Park Service is that they added Irving Gill's Walter Dodge House to the register of historic places in 1999, 29 years after it was demolished (by the Los Angeles Unified School District, by the way, to make way for a school that never got built. Barbaric pricks.) Why they add to the register buildings that are gone I don't know. It isn't like it's going to make them come back.

Oh, fans of early modern architecture be sure to check out the easy HABS photos links at the site. Some remarkable stuff there.


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