rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The sky might get a bit of color this morning, as the clouds have thinned sufficiently to allow the occasional glimmer of starlight to pass. I don't think I'll stay up to see it though, despite having had several brief unintentional naps tonight. I'm feeling lethargic and oddly heavy, which state might be the result of having consumed since midnight a banana, two large bowls of soup, a couple of tortillas, a large bowl of hot cereal with a couple of tablespoons of almond meal stirred into it, two glasses of chocolate milk, and a few crackers with peanut butter. My inner bear wants to hibernate, I think, and is making me gorge. I'm actually feeling a bit peckish right now. Just when my joints decide they don't want to carry the weight I've already got, something makes me start packing on more. This would never have happened in the past. Reality gets odder all the time.

An example of oddness from the world: OEDILF; The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form. A sample entry:

A ghoul and his followers carted
Cadavers from graveyards, then started
To bicker and beef,
Discomposing the chief.
So the ghoul and his fold were soon parted.

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