rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Every fireplace and wood stove in the neighborhood must have been blazing for the last several days. The place has reeked of wood smoke. I don't recall it being this thick or this persistent in previous years. I think it's the new next door neighbors are producing a lot of it. The former residents were tightwads who seldom spent money on wood. The new neighbors are apparently extravagant, so I'm apt to be smelling smoke for months to come.

Aside from the smokiness it has been a nice day, blustery and wet and, toward evening, filled with swirling fog. For a while I wasn't too sure if the swirling fog was in the air or inside my head, but it smelled like it was in the air so I finally accepted that that's where it was. The fog in my head must be something else altogether.
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