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Dull [Nov. 13th, 2006|06:27 am]
The night being the coldest yet this fall, I opened my windows and chilled my room and then fired up Sluggo for the first time since early April. To my amazement, he still functions-- at least as far as Sluggo can be said to ever have functioned. I was expecting to have a goatload of mail to download, of course, since only Sluggo has access to my Juno account. There was indeed a goatload of mail, but a somewhat smaller goatload than I'd expected-- a mere 601 items. Of course Sluggo crashed not long after downloading them and had to be allowed to nap for a while. Then I fired him up again and began the task of sorting the goatload, just in case there was anything important in it.

I began to worry when I had gotten through half the virtual pile and was still working on May, 2006. I feared that my alloted space on Juno's servers had been exceeded and everything after a certain date, probably about mid July, had been dumped. That would explain the goatload having been no more than half the size I'd been expecting. But then about the second week of June something happened. Almost all of the spam vanished. Before then, it was running about 90% spam, and after that it was less than 10%. I have no idea what happened in early June, but I'm pleased that it did. I'm guessing that Juno altered its filters. So it looks s though all of the non-spam sent to my Juno account up to the present will be there. I don't know for certain yet because Sluggo crashed yet again when I was working on August. I guess it isn't cold enough yet for him to remain coherent for more than half an hour at a time. I shut him down so I could warm the room up for a while before going to sleep.

The room was quite chilly for me, despite my being bundled up. But it was nice to be able to listen to the rain which has returned and has been falling softly for several hours. Surprisingly, my exposure to the cold has not made my joints ache any more than they already did. I suppose there could be a delayed reaction, but thus far I'm no worse off than I was yesterday night when I stayed warm. This bodes well for my ability to endure the coming winter.

Wow, what a dull entry. And long, too.

Need sleep.