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Patience [Nov. 9th, 2006|08:29 am]
The storm's passing has brought the coldest night yet this year. The season's color will soon be reaching its peak. The dogwoods across the street are now at their deepest shade of red, and only the smaller of the tow trees has as yet dropped many of its leaves. The walnut tree is at last yellowing, but the leaves to which the mulberry clings are mostly still green, while those it has shed are yellow. The oaks, too, tend to drop those leaves which have turned color (mostly brown) and to retain those that are still somewhat green. A few more cold nights ought to hurry the oaks along nicely. Soon the chilly nights will display more of their stars as the foliage vanishes.

I've gotten myself into another of those situations where I'm ready to sleep, but I'm waiting for a big page to download. I always seem to find such pages too late in the night, and I never want to wait until a more opportune moment to nab them. This one is at 8.3MB and only about 3/4 loaded. It's a goatload of photos of downtown Los Angeles, a lot of them showing the older buildings along the more easterly streets. My favorite part, of course. I don't mind waiting for them. I just wish I were waiting earlier.