rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Well it's about freakin' time! In fact, it's a bit late, for me.

The Great LJ Outage of 2006 did give me time to look at other parts of teh Internets, though. This part is interesting for predicting that the Army Times and the three other military-oriented newspapers published by Military Times Media Group will on Monday publish an editorial calling for the firing of Donald Rumsfeld. Well, it's about freakin' time.

And here's Spencer Ackerman on the fruits of Rumsfeld's labors.

But all Internets and no reality makes me an insane boy, so I paid attention to the day. The clouds persisted longer than I'd expected, and we got about six minutes of sunshine about the time the sun was going down. Now the full moon has risen and the white picket fence across the street is reminding me of bleached bones. I wonder if that's significant?

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