rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Is anybody out there familiar with Cite Seer? It's way complex for me and I'm not sure how it works or why (even the mere tools of science beyond a certain point make my brain explode) but I must say I'm loving the clever pun.

Here's yet another of those perfect mid-autumn afternoons, balmy and bright and resonating bird songs, the pine needle-strewn street golden, the shadows still green, and the air possessed of a quietude as deep as the empty blue sky. I'm about to go out and fill it with the sound of raking. It seems the appropriate thing to do, and I'm pretty sure the back lawn wants to be uncovered so it can enjoy the last of the day's sunshine. Then I get to as well. Maybe I'll come back and look at the computer after nightfall. Maybe I won't. One never knows.

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