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There was a bit of moonlight a while ago, and an owl hooting. I found the placid night calming after an earlier unexpected disruption to my usual schedule. I had to do the shopping, and it took forever. I have no idea why so many people were in the store this evening. And, though I spent nearly ninety dollars on groceries, I can't find anything I want to eat. I'm glad I don't have to do the shopping all the time.

Time spent in Safeway makes the widespread popularity of limited menu fast food places such as McDonald's easier to understand. I'd swear that the bread aisle alone in the local Safeway takes up more space than did the entire corner grocery store in my childhood neighborhood. Most of the bread baked grain products on the shelves are mushy denatured crap, too.

Then, beyond the bread aisle are a couple dozen more aisles full of other stuff. There's something horrifying about seeing so many highly processed food and food-like products all in one place. I wouldn't be surprised were I to get nightmares about being buried in processed cheese foods and snack chips next time I sleep. Maybe I'll even dream about drowning in a vat containing dozens of varieties of sodium-rich canned soups.

I did enjoy the produce section, though, despite the fact that casaba season is over. There were still some nice looking Tuscan cantaloupes, and there are loads of nice, bright pumpkins in stock now. The beer aisle was nice, too. I think I might quite enjoy a store which was stocked mostly with fresh produce and beer. Especially if they handed out samples.

Anyway. The disruption to my schedule has me running late. Rush rush rush.

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