rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The smart thing for me to do would be not go to Wikipedia at all, as I know I'm going to read there something I know to be false, and I'll get pissed off and putz around making changes or dithering over which bit of egregious nonsense I'll spend my time fixing. And then there are those times when I discover that an edit I have made correcting one of those errors has been reverted by some Wikitwit who apparently has an unnaturally possessive feeling toward that particular article, as well as a deep and probably insane commitment to that particular falsehood. It takes too long to fix stuff there, too. I could spend that time better watching reruns of Jackass and Wildboyz.

And now I'm really tired. The kitty wants to go outside, so I guess it's gong to be a mild morning. She can always tell.
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