rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I dozed off and had a semi-lucid dream in which I was either having or overhearing a conversation which contained a number of words my dream-self seemed to recognize, but which I didn't. When I woke, the only one of those words I could remember was "flath." It sounded as though it ought to mean something, so I Googled it and found that it had been added to Urban Dictionary just last month. But now I'm wondering what sort of event that dream conversation was about. What is my dream self getting up to that I'm not remembering? And why is his life apparently so much more eventful than mine?

Here in the waking world, the night air is filled with the smell of wood smoke. Nights have become quite chilly, though the afternoons remain sunny and mild. I can't say I like the smell of wood smoke anymore. When I lived in L.A., the smell of woodsmoke was a rare and pleasant reminder of chilly childhood evenings when we would have a fire in our fireplace. Since moving here I've smelled woodsmoke so often that it's lost its appeal. I've even come to find it a bit annoying. I'd much rather smell the unadulterated scent of early autumn, compounded of dry leaves and grass and pine needles and a bit of early decay. Too bad I've probably got three or four months of frequent woodsmoke smell ahead.

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