rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Clouds tatter and stars emerge. The clatterdown of acorns punctuates the skittering of lost leaves being carried away on the night breeze. At dusk I'd heard the year's first flock of arriving geese. I think maybe bits of approaching winter clung to their wings and are now let loose in the woods. There's been no more rain, and with the clearing of the clouds the air grows chillier. (It won't be long before nights bring frosts.) For now, I resist the urge to don another layer of clothes. It doesn't do to put them on too soon. I go out to watch Orion, and to become acclimated to the season. (By the time full winter arrives I want to be more tolerant of the cold.) When I return indoors, I find that the warmth makes me drowsy. I'd intended to upload a couple of new icons tonight, but maybe not now after all. To sleep, I think, before the light of dawn appears.

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