rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Having a permanent account, I'm currently allowed 134 icons, and I have uploaded a mere 33. I ought to do something about that. There is, though, the problem of keeping track of a huge number of icons. Even with but 33, I sometimes dither momentarily when seeking a particular icon for a post, or when attempting to decide which to use. I can easily imagine that, if I max out my capacity, I might suffer a complete paralysis of the will when trying to decide which to use, and probably experience a total, Sluggo-like shutdown of my brain when attempting to find a particular one. Still, it would be nice to have at least a few more from which to choose.

I'm also wondering if I ought to download the Gizmo/LJ Talk widget they just made available. I've never used an IM application before. At first, it was because I had Sluggo, and Sluggo would not only have rebelled at the work involved but, even had I gotten an IM ap working, he would most likely have crashed in the midst of most of my conversations, giving me a reputation for being a total dick who just hung up on everybody for no apparent reason. By the time I got the new computer, I had simply become accustomed to not having IM. I now think that it might be a bit distracting for me, given my brain's aversion to multi-tasking. It's sort of tempting to try it out, but then it's sort of tempting not to as well. I'll have to dither about it for a while, I think.

Anyway. It's been very nice here for the last couple of days, and I can open the windows wide all the sunny afternoon, but I must be careful to close them fairly early in the evenings lest the house chill to soon and cause the furnace to come on early. The nights, in short, have grown quite nippy. I like having a slice of fresh melon in the afternoon and then a cup of hot spiced tea a couple of hours later, though. October nice. I should have an icon for it.

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