rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Last night I was going to write about how I had just watched the rising gibbous moon grow bright and develop a halo, and how in the darkening western sky the clouds looked like smoke with edges curling away in fractals. Something came up and I didn't have time. Then early this morning I was going to write about how the gray light revealed a landscape spotted with drops of rain and the morning air smelled strongly of damp leaves slipping into decay. But it was getting late and there were tasks to be done and I couldn't take the time. Now I barely have time to say that though the light morning rain failed to continue today was almost entirely gray, and that tonight the moon is concealed by the mottled sky. Autumn has certainly arrived here, but I've had no chance to examine it. I can't proove it, but I think everything is happening faster while I'm slowing down.
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