rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


After months of never getting more than two or three LJ notifications a day, this evening I fired up my e-mail and found notifications of eight comments, all from people I didn't even know. Who'd have thought that I'd get fifteen seconds of LJ fame from a couple of smart-assed remarks I made off the cuff in response to that lj_biz post about the new "Sponsored" LJ communities and features? Far (Timbuktu far) from my best bit of writing, but it gets more attention than anything I've posted in my own journal for ages. I guess one could conclude that the three most important things in the world of LJ are location, location and location. My journal is, apparently, a slum.


September is ending with another mild day. More mild days lie ahead. Autumn is taking its time this year. Just as well, I suppose. My brain remains too slothful to deal with any serious changes anyway. Routine tasks are about all I can handle. The urge to vegetate is strong. I'm hoping to be a pumpkin (so suitable to the season), but whatever I turn out to be, I'm hoping not to be tainted spinach.

Oh, look at that crap! No wonder hardly anybody comments here!

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