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Last Mildness of June [Jun. 17th, 2018|08:15 pm]
Late last night I heard the rumble of distant thunder, but saw no lightning, and as far as I know there have been no new fires as a result of any lightning we might have gotten. The local fire that began yesterday morning is still holding at 40 acres, and is reportedly 75% contained. I haven't smelled it today. The mild temperatures have probably made suppressing this fire a bit easier than it otherwise would have been. Any fires that start late next week will have a fierce sun in their corner. The solstice will be this Thursday, and a 100 degree day is possible by Saturday.

Shopping didn't take long today, but it was because I'm running low on cash and so bought a minimum of stuff. I'm saving for the fire insurance due in August, and I'me expecting it to go up this year, maybe a lot. The insurance companies will want to recoup some of the money they paid out due to all the losses in wildfires last year, so they will soak everyone in California, even those of us who aren't insured against wildfires. That's the way insurance companies work.

After checking my calendar I discovered that I do have an appointment with the chiropractor on Tuesday. I had though it wasn't for a couple of weeks yet, and I'm very glad to discover I was wrong (and also unhappy to discover that my memory and my awareness of the passage of time are getting so bad.) The last couple of days my neck has let me know it is quite ready for an adjustment, though, so this is one of those occasions when I'll just be grateful that the deterioration of my brain brought me a pleasant surprise.

But then while I was being grateful I totally forgot the next thing I'd intended to say. Oh, wait. It's that it's going to get pretty chilly tonight. I already had to put on a hoodie when I went out to check the feral cats' water bowls a few minutes ago. I wouldn't be surprised if the furnace came on before dawn. But I am enjoying the brief return to cool weather. Next week's heat wave is bound to make me me nostalgic for winter. Then I'll get through the misery it brings by recalling how nostalgic for summer winter makes me.

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The Burn [Jun. 16th, 2018|10:11 pm]
The smell of smoke arrived with afternoon. It turned out to be this. It's around sixteen miles or so south of here, and has only expanded up to about forty acres at last report. It got a bit breezy here this evening, but apparently not enough to expand the fire.

I can't smell the smoke tonight. The wind usually switches around to the north after nightfall this time of year, and there's not much of it, but I'll probably smell the fire again tomorrow morning. I hope it doesn't last all day. Tomorrow is likely to be the last cool day for a long time, and I'd hate to have it ruined by the reek of a brushfire.

Perhaps somewhat more disturbing, the forecast says there is a 50% chance of thunderstorms tonight. One fire at a time is enough, thanks. No lightning, please.

Also, my Internet is cutting out again. There are only brief opportunities to open pages or post things. This is one of them. I'd better take advantage of it.
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Luck [Jun. 15th, 2018|11:05 pm]
I might be forgetting how chairs work. I went to sit down this evening and almost missed. Luckily I didn't fall over, nor did the chair, and no cats were crushed. It was a near thing, though. And I can't blame the heat because it wasn't all that hot today. In fact it's now down to a pleasant 68 degrees after a balmy high of 84. We get three more such pleasant days before it starts getting up into the nineties again. The nights aren't predicted to be hot yet, so the air conditioner should remain unnecessary.

The house next door that has been vacant and for sale the last couple of months has been sold, so unless something happens (escrow failure, major fire, economic collapse, communist coup, plague) someone should be moving in fairly soon. I'll miss having the quietly vacant house, but probably not as much as the feral cats will. They've enjoyed the expanded territory, and will be distressed to lose it, especially if another dog moves in. Or worse, an outdoor cat. They don't need any more kitty friends. There's enough conflict with the ones they've already got.

It seems like it's been a long day. I woke up too early, and had no nap. I'm going to go see if I can sit down in front of the television without doing any damage. Fortunately the couch is sufficiently larger than a chair that I'm unlikely to miss it. Wish me luck anyway.
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Achoo [Jun. 14th, 2018|10:09 pm]
The crickets in my yard have been pretty quiet for the last couple of nights. There was only one chirping, and him only intermittently, last time I was out. I'm thinking they might not like the fact that the lawn got mowed. In fact I suppose it's possible that some of them got chewed up by the lawn mower, which is a depressing thought.

The mowing of the lawn and of the mostly dried weeds in the back back yard is also probably why I've been sneezing so much for the last couple of days. Allergy season wasn't too bad up until now. This morning I sneezed so much that I feared putting my neck out of joint. That has happened before. My next appointment with the chiropractor isn't until early July, so this would be a very bad time to displace something.

Gnats remain numerous, and a couple have ended up smeared across my monitor as I try to shoo them away and accidentally hit them. They aren't very good at getting out of the way, unlike flies, who are almost impossible to smack. It's a good thing larger creatures aren't as fragile as gnats, or the world would be a terrible mess all the time.

It was hotter than I like today, but not hot to the point of misery, and it's already quite pleasantly cool this evening. The cooling trend should continue for the next few days, and Sunday is predicted to be merely balmy. I'm looking forward to that.
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Forgetful [Jun. 13th, 2018|10:39 pm]
As promised, it only got into the low nineties today, and by tomorrow should be back down into the mere eighties. I don't have to spontaneously combust yet! Maybe next week, when it will start heading into the nineties again. In the meantime I'm expecting I'll be able to keep the house pretty comfortable until then as long as I can get the windows opened and closed at the right times. My unreliable sleep schedule could make that difficult.

My brain is fuzzy, of course, as it always is when the days start getting too warm. I forgot to check the mail today, and forgot to water the sourgrass, and forgot to eat lunch, and forgot (again!) to do the laundry. Now I've forgotten what else I was going to say. I'd have a lot more time available to remember to do things if only I could forget to turn the computer on. But that will probably be the last thing I ever forget.

That breeze coming in the window sure is nice.
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Peak [Jun. 12th, 2018|09:40 pm]
The weather report says it got up to 99 degrees here today, and I believe it. Considering that I didn't get the windows closed until after ten o'clock this morning I guess I'm lucky the house only got up to 76 degrees. Of course the gnats who are flying around my monitor and desk lamp are undoubtedly delighted at the weather. They are thriving.

Something else thriving, oddly enough, are my oleander bushes. I have come to the conclusion that the brown leaves that covered them a couple of weeks ago were not dead, but merely dormant, although oleanders aren't supposed to do that. But many of the leaves that were brown and dry just a few days ago are now green.

Unfortunately my sister came over this afternoon and while I was not paying attention pruned off all the branches she could reach that were still covered in brown leaves, so there will be no more regeneration for them. The two tallest plants have still got many leaves on them, but the three smaller ones have been reduced nearly to nubs. I'm glad she is willing to do stuff in the yard, but her devotion to landscape tidiness sometimes has unfortunate consequences.

Anyway, I think it's cool enough for me to open my windows again, and there's a sandwich waiting to be assembled and devoured, so I'm going to go do those things now, after spending a few minutes in the cooling air listening to the crickets. After that television, until the house gets cool enough that I can actually get to sleep. Thank goodness it's supposed to be about seven degrees cooler tomorrow than it was today.
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Rising [Jun. 11th, 2018|09:38 pm]
I've survived the first of three PDW (Pretty Damned Warm) days in a row that we'll be having. Because last night was fairly chilly, the house only got up to 72 degrees today, but tonight and tomorrow night will be quite a bit warmer, so tomorrow and Wednesday will be more difficult to survive. I expect the house to get quite warm tomorrow and probably downright hot Wednesday. It probably won't make the air conditioner necessary just yet, but it's going to get close.

Tonight is fairly nice, and filled with the sound of crickets and the smell of jasmine, and I'm sure I'll get through it, though the sudden onset of heat has left me low on energy. It's wheelie bin night, too, and I have to get them out to the street. There will probably be a microwaved dinner, since I don't feel like doing anything involving a flame, and I'm saving the makings of a sandwich for tomorrow night. What I'll do Wednesday night I don't know. Maybe I just won't eat.

Damned solstice breathing down our necks.
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Perfectly [Jun. 10th, 2018|08:03 pm]
The stores were still there inhabiting this perfectly lovely day, and I walked through them and bought things and took them back out into the day to take them home where they now wait on shelves until I use them. The streets I use to get to and from the stores were still there, and cars were on them, and I and the people in the cars moved through the perfectly lovely day going places we'd decided we needed or wanted to be, and the day willessly let us inhabit it.

So full of things. Trees and houses and cars, sunlight and breeze and scents from the blooming flowers and the car exhausts and the young leaves and the gray asphalt over which tires rumbled. And sounds. Engines and birds and barking dogs, talk and music, and the leaves rustling to give the breezes a voice. Sometimes the traffic sounds like surf, especially when it blends with wind.

So the perfectly lovely day, indifferent to our coming and going, vibrated on the edge of my thoughts, enveloping them, transforming mundane tasks into arcane rituals fraught with meaning. The warmth and the sunlight and the trees that filtered them took their places in the back of my mind, and shadows shrank and then lengthened, and everything was still there even when I was attending to something else. So the perfectly lovely day edged into my memory and inhabited it, and communed with the other days already there.

For it I've added a room made of words to the house. It couldn't care less. The room is really for me.

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Chillin' [Jun. 9th, 2018|08:06 pm]
Though the clouds thinned as afternoon passed, the day remained very cool, the chill augmented by a rising breeze. Evening is turning cold, and the sun will soon set and a night at least autumnal, if not wintry, will descend. The house isn't yet cold enough to trigger the furnace, but it feels colder since I've gotten accustomed to warm weather over the last couple of weeks.

I think I'm going to go into the living room and get under a couple of blankets and watch television. Thanks to the beg-a-thon the PBS stations aren't providing me with any English murders, but I can make do with the American murders on the Hallmark Murder and Glurge Channel. Thank goodness it isn't a glurge night.
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Unwashed [Jun. 8th, 2018|10:23 pm]
They might get showers up around Mount Shasta tomorrow, but that's about a hundred miles north of here (I don't know exactly how far it actually is, and don't feel like looking it up on the Internets, but when I don't know exactly how far some place of a middling distance is I always say a hundred miles, as it is a nice round number.) Still, a stray cloud might deign to condense and release upon us a bit of its vaporous burden. One never knows. What one does know this time is that it's probably going to be quite a bit cooler here tomorrow than it was today, thanks to the partial cloudiness that is expected.

In fact I should probably be getting my windows closed now, to conserve the modest warmth I managed to capture today. It's going to get below sixty tonight, and probably won't go above seventy tomorrow. Right now the indoor and outdoor temperatures are in balance. Last night I forgot to close one of the windows in the back room, and woke up early this morning quite chilled. It's going to be colder tonight than last night.

There's a microwaveable frozen lasagna for dinner. I didn't actually eat dinner last night, having fallen asleep in front of the television. That's what sometimes happens when I have a large, late lunch. Today I had a small, late lunch, so I ought to be be able to stay awake long enough for the microwave to work its magic. But I'm still expecting to wake up to some unwashed dishes tomorrow.

Oh, the missing feral cat did turn up this morning. This evening when I was watering the yard I discovered his latest hiding place. It's large patch of dense ivy in one corner of the back back yard. As I squirted the hose at it from a distance he came rushing out and took refuge from the artificial rain in the garden shed. I don't think he was in the ivy for two days, but it's nice to know he still has a nearby hiding place.
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