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Reset Thirty-Five, Day Fifteen

Well, I did it again with the midnight napping thing. Even though I got to sleep before sunrise Tuesday, I still ended up short of sleep because I got one of those spam robocalls about the expiring warranty on the car I don't have. That was about half past ten in the morning, and though I tried to get back to sleep after that I had only a few catnaps over the next two hours and finally got up not long after noon. That left me dopey all day, and around eleven that night I got so sleepy I had to nap, which I then continued to do until half past five this morning. I think it was mostly the covers being warm and the room being chilly that kept me in bed until then. My body still hasn't adjusted to the seasonal change.

Because I didn't eat dinner Tuesday night I just microwaved a ramen bowl instead of breakfast, which makes the sense that I'm displaced in time even stronger. I don't fancy being awake for an entire daylight day, and suspect that I'll be going back to sleep before its over, but I don't know just when. I still feel tired, and have a bit of a headache. Today is the first of three mild days in a row, so it would be nice to do something with it, but I doubt I'll have the energy. The hours are passing already. The sun is out and birds are chirping. I wish I had a donut.
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Reset Thirty-Five, Day Fourteen

Monday was sunny but cool, and I've sat here for two hours nodding off without thinking of a singe pertinent thing to say. I've been very tired, and still am, and I've got a throw over my shoulders to ward off the chill. I'm going to eat a piece of chocolate and go to bed. Us old guys have all the fun.

Reset Thirty-Five Day Thirteen

Sunday got very, very wet. It was raining when I went to sleep around eight o'clock in the morning and raining when I got up around four o'clock in the afternoon, and sometime while I was asleep there was a power outage here. PG&E sent me a text about it, but it was over by the time I got up. I don't knowhow long it was because I no longer have a standard electric clock that comes back on when the electricity returns, so you can calculate the length of the outage, Now I only have the computer clock that corrects itself, and the digital clocks that just start blinking mindlessly when they get their juice back.

The excitement I slept through included high winds, especially in the Bay Area, heavy downpours and flooding, especially in the Bay Area, and landslides, which were mostly not in the Bay Area. A couple of enormous rock slides and some smaller mud slides have blocked highway 70 between Butte and Plumas counties. That's part of the Dixie Fire burn area, so it was not unexpected. The good news is that the Dixie Fire is now completely contained. Well, duh.

The rain was expected to continue through the night, but we haven't had more than mist in my neighborhood for the last four hours or so. In and around the burned areas there's still a flash flood watch in effect until Monday night. We should be getting a couple of mild days early this week, with a bit more rain possible Saturday, but there's nothing like the current storm in the forecast. That could change, of course. Weather in this region can go either way. This might have been the biggest storm we'll get for the whole season, or it might turn out to be typical of the next few months.

The one thing I know for sure is that I'm eager to hop into bed and get the covers pulled up. It's chilly tonight, and with all the dampness even the furnace doesn't make this place really cozy. But first a cup of cocoa and some cookies. That's how every chilly night should end.
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Reset Thirty-Five, Day Twelve

Saturday was grey anticipation, the cool air expectant, the tentative showers like a tease. Not until nightfall did the rain really begin, and then it grew slowly, hour after hour, until by midnight there was a steady fall and the downspouts began to sing. Since then the wind has risen, and at times fierce downpours rattle across the roof and windblown drops spatter the windows with drum tattoos. It's an actual storm, after so many months of trivial drips and dribbles! I have just listened for hours, and will go on listening until I fall asleep. Welcome back, rain.

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Reset Thirty-Five, Day Eleven

Friday I took another midnight nap, though all I'd intended was to try to straighten out a kink in my back. Lying on my back for a few minutes ought to have done it, but somehow I dozed off and didn't wake up for four hours. Maybe the worst part is that when I woke up, the kink was still in my back. Later I ate the last piece of cheesecake that had been sitting in the refrigerator since a week ago last Monday, and shortly thereafter had the feeling that it was about to come back up. Can you get food poisoning from eleven-day-old cheesecake? For about two hours it felt like I had, but eventually it subsided, and since then I've snacked on other things without mishap. I guess I'll survive.

Friday was another mostly overcast but mostly dry day. The Huge Wet is supposed to arrive early Sunday and continue through Monday morning. The forecast is now predicting almost six inches of rain in parts of the valley, including the mini-metropolis, and close to a foot in some parts of the mountains. Things could get nasty in the extensive burn scars of this year's fires. Things could get nasty right here if we get one of those very wet cells parked over the neighborhood, like we did in the spring of 2019. I got quite a lot of water in the apartment. Perhaps a fall storm won't be so aggressive, though. I hope not. I've got a lot more stuff I don't want to get wet now.

I'm out of donuts again, but don't want to ask anybody to fetch me any until after the storms have passed. I often wish that we had a donut shop within walking-on-ingrown-toenail distance here. That would be like, down at the end of the block. There is actually a house for sale there right now. Maybe somebody will buy it an open an illegal donuts shop in it. Highly improbable, of course, like all of my fantasies. I still enjoy indulging in it. Though not as much as I'd enjoy an actual donut. I guess it will be cookies for breakfast again today.

Reset Thirty-Five, Day Ten

Thursday stayed overcast all day but brought no significant rain. Only after midnight did the sky finally open up. Since then we've had three periods of heavy rain lasting ten or fifteen minutes each, with sprinkles or drizzles between. It's supposed to continue today and again tomorrow, but the real show is likely to begin Monday, when the region might get anywhere from two to four inches of rain. There is actually going to be a flood watch in effect.

But the rain is not doing much to wake me up. I'm still dozing off more often than I'd like, and starting to wonder if this is my new normal. It sometimes feels like being in a coma but still walking around. I'm also getting very tired of yawning so much. I suppose it's only a matter of time before I dislocate my jaw, Unless I fall out of my chair and break my neck first. But at least I've gotten to see it rain again.

Reset Thirty-Five, Day Nine

Wednesday afternoon I slept again, oblivious until after five o'clock, when I woke to see the late sun declining among thickening clouds. The mist and drizzle and sprinkling returned, but still no full-on rain has fallen. It's as though storm season is having a tough time getting its engines started. That's expected to change over the next several days, and we are supposed to get some actual downpours. Nothing like they'll be getting in the northwest, but it's likely that this series of storms will bring California's fire season to an end, at least in the north. Los Angeles might keep burning through the entire winter.

It's grown quite nippy out, as well as damp, and I'm a bit surprised at how chilly I've been feeling. Usually I don't feel this cold until later in the season. Perhaps it was the rapid transition from hot weather to cold weather that brought it on. In any case, I'm wearing a hoodie indoors, and putting a puffer jacket on over it when I go outside. I'm missing the fresh air, especially since the restarted furnace smell is lingering still. I'm also stuck with an abundance of warm weather sandwich fixings, and have not yet made the transition to more autumnal foods. I did open a can of minestrone the other night and ate half of it with a grilled cheese sandwich, but so far I've had nothing I would consider a proper hot meal.

My sleep schedule, such as it is, remains rather deranged, and I'd be happy to have it more normal, but I'm not expecting that. I suspect I've reached the age when good night's (or even good day's) sleep is apt to remain no more than a fond memory, at least until my memory too fails utterly. The latter event might not be long delayed. Thank goodness that once that happens, the pain my ingrown toenail generates when I walk more than a hundred feet will prevent me from going out and wandering around in the rain in search of waffles or a burrito. They'd put me away in the home for senile delinquents for sure.

I sure would like some waffles, though. Or a burrito.

Reset Thirty-Five, Day Eight

I didn't feel like writing anything Tuesday evening, so I went to sleep, though I don't remember if it was before or after midnight, and then woke up after six o'clock this morning, and I'm still tired and still don't feel like writing anything. It's been sprinkling or drizzling or misting off and on since Tuesday afternoon, which is quite lovely, but it seems to be making me want to hibernate. I might try that. I might start right now.

Reset Thirty-Five, Day Seven

It took quite a while to get to sleep Monday morning, but it was still overcast, so the light leaking around and through the blinds wasn't too bad. By the time I woke up the afternoon was partly sunny, and the clouds were breaking up. This storm didn't bring much rain to the mini-metropolis— less than a fifth of an inch— but there is likely to be more over the next few days, starting Tuesday night. A little bit of snow fell in the mountains, though not enough to make a dent in the water shortage.

A La Nina condition is apparently forming in the Pacific, which means rain is more likely than usual in the Pacific Northwest and less likely than usual in Southern California, but for Northern California it's a crap shoot. It could be more, it could be less, or it could be about normal. Normal wouldn't help much, and less would be a catastrophe, so we're hoping for more. The odds are not great.

It has also gotten much colder, and as I expected, the furnace came on a while ago, and having been off for a few months it reeked. It's likely to go on reeking for a while, and it's likely to come on fairly frequently for the next few days. It smells rather like an old blanket that wet dogs slept on, which then dried out in a dusty room inhabited by old people who have given up bathing. Actually, I think that might be what I smell like, too, and maybe that's why I always get used to it after a while.

I'm still craving snacks and have no idea what snacks I want, only that the ones I've actually got are not satisfactory. At the moment I'm considering making some oatmeal with ginger in it and maybe putting some maple syrup on it. Molasses would be better, but I have none. I should add that to my shopping list next time, but probably won't remember.

There was no nap tonight, but then I did wake up very sad Monday afternoon, which might have put me off sleeping. I suspect that I had sad dreams, which I did not remember, but they left their aura behind them in my mood. It took a couple of hours to dig out of it, with the help of music videos of a more cheerful nature, including an arrangement of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue for solo marimba. It's hard to be sad when you hear a marimba. I still managed for quite a while. It's been a pretty sad year.

Reset Thirty-Five, Day Six

The rain was long delayed Sunday, clouds forming only gradually in the afternoon sky, and the first drops falling as dusk arrived. It has been mostly sprinkles, brief showers, and mist, and I have yet to hear anything trickling from the downspouts. It's possible there was some heavier rain during the long nap I took from eleven o'clock Sunday night until three o'clock this morning, but if so it left no evidence.

There was angel hair pasta with marinara for dinner, with a salad and plain buttered bread, the available bread not being of a type suited for making garlic toast. The starchy meal might have contributed to the irresistible urge to nap. Since I woke I've been craving a snack of some kind, but can't figure out what. I did eat a small slice of cheesecake, but it failed to satisfy the craving. Right now I'm munching some chips, but they don't seem to be helping either. The thought of a waffle has crossed my mind, but I no longer have a waffle iron, and those toaster waffles I had in the freezer for a while were so bad that I tossed them out some time ago.

The sun will be coming up before long. Already I hear the morning traffic picking up on the freeway. The rain, such as it is, is expected to continue through morning, but I might see some sunlight this afternoon. It's going to be chilly all day, for the first time in months. I'm expecting the furnace to come on sometime today or tonight. It's sure to smell bad, as it always does when it starts up for the first time each year. I think of it as the odor of summer's decaying corpse. That makes it oddly cheering.