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Insufficient [Oct. 26th, 2010|10:41 pm]
I keep expecting to hear acorns falling on the rooftops, but so far I've heard none. On the other side of town I've seen oaks laden with acorns, and the ground is littered with those that have already fallen, but the trees here have very few, and those are clinging tenaciously to the trees. It looks like the other side of town will have more squirrels and woodpeckers than we will next spring.

Should that turn out to be so, come April and May I'll surely miss the entertaining fauna, but right now I'm missing the sound of falling acorns. It just isn't autumnal enough without them, despite the nocturnal chill, the smell of wood smoke from fireplaces, and the strewn leaves. Probably not even the fresh brownies now baking in the oven will fill the void left by the missing acorns. But then, they don't really have to. I mean they're still brownies, right? Brownies!