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Lately Again [May. 5th, 2010|11:19 pm]
Again with the unintended naps. Not only did I fall asleep after dinner, but I'd already fallen asleep after lunch, losing two hours of the afternoon. The feral cats are probably wondering why their feeding schedule has gone crazy.

I still haven't set up email on the laptop. I haven't had outgoing email for a couple of years, and now I don't even have incoming email. My only messages I get via computer are now LJ comments, which I can see on the page. And I'm not sure I'm seeing all of those. I'm coming unglued from the Internets! I wonder if I'll even exist anymore if the process reaches it's likely conclusion? I did exist before the Internets come into being, but I'm not sure that's possible anymore. Maybe that's why I keep taking unintended naps. My subconscious mind is preparing to not exist.

Dinner dishes remain to be washed. Time. What a drag.