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The Usual Muddle [Sep. 26th, 2009|10:46 pm]
A hawk, undeterred by heat, spent half an hour wheeling over the yards and houses nearby this afternoon. Its shadow would dart up and down the trees and across the rooftops, occasionally making a swift passage over my dry lawn. I'm glad the feral kittens have grown so much larger and are unlikely to become prey for a raptor of that size anymore. The hawk was probably seeking smaller birds. I heard one or another of these emit warning whistles a few times, and they must have been effective. The hawk had the sky to itself the entire time it was here. Perhaps when it departed it sought out some creature in the orchard or a nearby field. I hope it found something to eat, but I hope its meal wasn't a kitten or a baby bunny.

My mom was served some regular coffee instead of her usual decaf today. Unless you've seen it for yourself you have no idea how strangely a wired nonagenarian with no short-term memory can behave. In addition to making her hyper, it has increased her sensitivity to all the various aches and pains with which she is normally afflicted, leaving her even fussier than usual. The only upside will be if, when the caffeine wears off in an hour or two, she then sleeps through the rest of the night from exhaustion.

My left knee has started catching when I walk and feels as though it might go out from under me. If I do a faceplant tonight that will be why. If I'm immobilized by it they probably won't find me until tomorrow morning. I hope I at least faceplant in front of the television so I'll have something to watch, assuming I can roll into the right position.