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Mooning [Sep. 30th, 2016|10:34 pm]
Tonight there is a black moon. A black moon (by one definition— there are others) is the second new moon in a month, and it happens once every 29 months, just as a blue moon (the second full moon in a month) happens once every 29 months.

It is not likely that the black moon had anything to do with the fact that my browser crashed twice tonight, and that after the second restart a lot of LJ pages are all fouled up. Were I of a superstitious turn of mind, I'd blame a witch for this. In fact, I'm sure it's my aging computer with its obsolete operating system that is at fault. That means I blame Bill Gates, and Bill Gates is not a witch. He isn't pretty enough, for one thing. And he doesn't dress well enough. Every witch I've ever known has been a very snappy dresser.

There are lots of clouds tonight. This afternoon I watched some cirrus form in an almost entirely blue sky, and by evening it was almost entirely overcast. This is the beginning of a mostly chilly week. It's going to get down into the high forties tonight, the mid forties tomorrow night, and the low forties Sunday Night. There is an 80% chance of a thunderstorm on Sunday— just in time for my shopping trip. The clouds tonight probably won't do anything but look pretty and be hard to see because of the absence of moonlight.

It now seems likely that I'll have to be turning the furnace on tomorrow night. I'll definitely have to turn it on Sunday afternoon, as otherwise it will be to cold in the house for me to shower. And today I had the windows open all day, after leaving them open all night. There will probably be a few more days when I can leave them open this month, but probably no more nights, unless we get an unusually warm Indian summer. I'm not expecting that. For all practical purposes, window season is over until spring. I'll miss the fresh air. Goodbye, air.
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Disappointing [Sep. 29th, 2016|11:01 pm]
A few nights ago I was unable to post an entry because my Internet connection went away. Last night my entry was very late because the computer was misbehaving. Tonight it's been a bit of both. I am totally Pwnd by my technology.

Also Pwnd by my cat, who just took a big dump in the nearby litter box, and it's reeking so bad it's about to drive me out of the room. Well, I have to get some dinner anyway. Probably the can of beans I didn't eat last night.

English murder killing took place on television earlier, but there was something very unsatisfying about it. It was because the wrong person got killed by the wrong person. It was really an accidental death, even though a deliberate killing was committed. The plot worked, but still left me feeling like I'd been cheated out of a real, classic murder. Don't those people realize that I live through vicarious English slaughter?
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Tedious [Sep. 28th, 2016|10:24 pm]
Computer has been terribly slow today. I guess it's following my example. Last night I fell asleep not long after midnight, and woke about four o'clock this morning. Then I went back to sleep around eleven o'clock and didn't wake up until three o'clock this afternoon. In between sleeps I got very little done, and didn't even close the windows to keep the day's heat out. A very cool night will prevent this oversight from being more than annoying. The house ought to be comfortable again by midnight. My own state at midnight is less predictable.

There will be a can of something for dinner, but I haven't decided what yet. Might be beans, might be soup. I'm not yet especially hungry. I am, however, especially annoyed at how long it's taking to type this entry. I type, I wait, the letters appear on the monitor one by one, as though grudgingly, and certainly tediously. It's probably best if I just post it as is and let the machine take a nap. Stupid computer.
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A Bit Cooler [Sep. 27th, 2016|09:18 pm]
It gets dark so early now that nightfall catches me unaware. I'll be tapping away at the keyboard and look up at the window and see that dusk has arrived, and realize that I haven't changed the water in the feral cats' bowls or watered the shrubbery, and then I end up rushing through those tasks as the last light fades, or end up doing them in the dark. That's why one of my shoes is wet tonight. I stumbled over a root in the dark while carrying the active hose and squirted my own foot. I need to be more attentive to the light.

The hot wind from the northeast is gone, and softer breezes following them became variable last night. This allowed smoke from a set of small fires burning southeast of here since yesterday morning to make its way to the neighborhood yesterday evening, and because I had to have the HVAC fan on to cool the house down, the whole place got stunk up all night and into this morning. The fires are controlled now, and I haven't smelled them for several hours, but there's always a chance the wind will shift around and bring us more smoke tonight.

At the moment there is the softest of breezes, cool and fresh, coming down from the northeast, as it should. The small crickets are quite loud tonight, but the spider, the fly, and the tiny moth who infested my room last night are gone. I do not miss them. Well, maybe I miss the tiny spider a little bit, but not the others. I won't miss the small crickets when they are gone, either, but that won't happen until we get a few nights of serious chill. That could happen as early as late next week. As happy as I'll be to be rid of the buzzing of the crickets, I'll be sad to go so quickly from hot weather to cold weather. I've only just gotten rid of the air conditioner, and now I'll have to use the furnace. No savings for the wicked.

But maybe we'll get some mild fall weather after the cold spell. A mild fall is one of my favorite things. It's almost as pleasant as a mild spring, but has the added bonus of pumpkin pie (yes, you can buy pumpkin pie year 'round these days, but it always tastes better in the fall.) My hope for October is that we'll get some decent rain, and lots of cool, mild days. Sometimes October obliges, sometimes it doesn't. I hope it is obliging this year, as this is the most unpleasant election year I can remember, and I need all the compensations I can get. Come, rain, and wash away all thought of the foulness!
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Besieged [Sep. 26th, 2016|10:46 pm]
There's a fly in my room. Its iridescent coloring is really quite beautiful, but I wish I could get the damned thing out of here. It's annoying me. Earlier there was another flying insect, but tiny, trying to immolate itself in my lamp. It, too, was annoying. I think it was a small moth of some sort, and not a mosquito. I haven't been bitten by mosquitoes often this year, and I think they might have lost interest in me. Perhaps, as I age, I'm not as tasty as I once was.

While I've been able to avoid using the air conditioner during the recent hot days, the fan has been running all night trying to get some coolness into the house. Last night it was not entirely successful, but I'm hoping tonight will be better, and that tomorrow night I'll be able to turn it off before midnight. The biggest surprise in the forecast is that there's a 20% chance of rain on Sunday, and a 60% chance next Monday. I'm already salivating over the prospect of having a cup of hot tea and some shortbread cookies while watching the rain fall. Of course it might not happen. Autumn weather is not very predictable.

Yikes. Not only is there a fly in the room, I just had an ant crawling across my monitor. There's also a tiny spider spinning a tiny web on the lamp. The spider is much to small to catch that fly, sadly. But what's the deal with all the sudden fauna? I think they're telling me its time to gt out of here. Television is probably safe to watch now that the debate is over. I won't have to fix any dinner, because I ate dinner for lunch. I'll probably make some popcorn later if I get peckish.

That spider is getting awfully close to my face. I'm out of here.
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Swelter [Sep. 25th, 2016|09:45 pm]
That handful of cooler days last week left me ill prepared to endure the heat that returned today. It was actually pretty warm all last night, as a north wind blew in from the desert. It continued much of the day, and the temperature topped a hundred. The combination of heat, insufficient sleep last night, going shopping, and probably the bit of vodka I slipped into the cool drinks I had this afternoon, has left me pretty close to stupefied. I forgot a couple of things at the store, and am sure to miss them later in the week. Also, I keep nodding off and probably won't be able to do much for dinner. Maybe a package of ramen.

The wind has softened to a breeze, though it is still warm. Tonight will be slightly cooler than last night was, and tomorrow slightly cooler than today, and this cooling will continue thereafter, but there will not be full relief until Thursday night. I'll hope that this is summer's last outburst.

There are English people on television tonight, but I can not expect them to murder one another. Yet more disappointment. I might have another cool drink with a bit of vodka in it.

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Interruptions [Sep. 24th, 2016|09:36 pm]
My Internets connection keeps crapping out on me again tonight. I wish AT&T would get around to replacing that squirrel-munched cable. As it is, I never know when the service light on my router is going to turn red, so I get semi-freaked out and can't concentrate on anything.

I got up way too early this morning, and didn't have a nap again, though I nodded off a few times when I was sitting on the back porch. It was very balmy, and the feral cat napping at the far end of the yard induced in me such a feeling of placidity that I closed my eyes and before I knew it I had almost fallen out of the chair. I decided it would be best to go into the house and nap, but Portia was sleeping on the couch and I didn't want to disturb her, so I couldn't lie down, and as a result I never went to sleep. My life is sometimes surprisingly foolish.

Tonight I must do triage on my shopping list. There's more stuff I'd like to buy than I can afford at this ass-end of the month, especially since I have to be saving for the property taxes which come due in November. I hate to strike the ice cream from the list, but I think I'll have to. I'll also only be able to get two containers of cat litter, though I'd like to take advantage of the sale and get four. But there's no way I'm passing up the cans of Progresso soup for .88 cents each. I'm stocking up, unless they've sold out of the flavors I like, in which case I can get a rain check for it and buy something else with the soup money. I'll get my SS check next week and can buy the soup then.

Tonight is microwaved burrito and tamale night. I'll have to go easy on the salsa, though, as nobody has it on sale this week and I'm running low.

I'd better post this before that red light comes back on on the router.
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Cool [Sep. 23rd, 2016|09:19 pm]
Had a nap today and dreamed about bacon. I only recall dreaming about bacon once before, but since I almost never remember my dreams it's quite possible that I dream about bacon all the time and just don't know it. As far as real bacon goes the dream is moot as I have none. On my canned goods shelf there's probably a can of Bush's baked beans that has bits of bacon in it, but bacon that's been soaking in a can with beans isn't very appetizing, so I probably won't be eating that tonight. In fact I have no idea what I'll be eating tonight, as I forgot to plan anything. Whatever I end up eating I'll probably be thinking about crisp, savory bacon the whole time.

The heat wave is not quite here yet, and the house managed to stay cool all day, and thus is in good shape for dealing with tomorrow's higher temperature. If it gets colder outside than it is inside later tonight I might open the windows for a while to capture a bit more chill. Free air conditioning! Last night the house got down to 62 degrees, and I fell asleep on the couch, without a blanket, and when I woke up around seven o'clock this morning I felt only moderately chilly. It felt quite luxurious, actually. It was what I was wishing for all summer.

This morning I got half the back lawn raked, and was surprised at how big the consequent pile of leaves was. I left it on the ground instead of getting it int a wheelie bin, as I know the feral cats enjoy playing in leaf heaps, and also like to burrow into them to sleep on cold nights. I think the feral cats might enjoy autumn as much as I do. And they don't even get pumpkin pie. I'm looking forward to getting one myself, and I hope I don't have to wait all the way 'till November for one of the stores to have one on sale. They don't this week, but then this week is going to get hot, so I'd just as soon wait until it cools off again. Pumpkin pie is definitely cold weather food.

Now I'm thinking I've surely got a can of minestrone on the shelf. There's an English muffin I could make into garlic toast, too. I think I've found my dinner. I think I'll go eat it now.
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Oh, the Balminess! [Sep. 22nd, 2016|08:39 pm]
The first day of autumn was semi-autumnal. It was fairly cool, and there were some clouds, but it didn't really feel very much like autumn yet. A bit of bluster might have helped, but the air was no more than occasionally breezy. The puffy white clouds were nice, and were large enough to sport a bit of gray on their undersides, but it still seemed very bright out most of the time. There were plenty of fallen leaves on the ground, but then there have been plenty of leaves on the ground most of the summer, since the heat killed so many of them.

So, yesterday actually felt more autumnal than today did, and tomorrow will be less autumnal still. Another heat wave is on the way, and the temperature will be topping 100 again over the weekend. It's more like barbecue weather than going into pumpkin season weather, and I don't have a barbecue so what good does it do me? The bird with the strange call who was hanging around all summer and only vanished a few days ago was back today, too, providing yet another reminder of the sultry days so recently passed.

Still, I have to be optimistic about October. I'm planning on getting some rain, and if it doesn't come I'm planning on suing God. As I'll be suing in a California court I'm sure the judge will be on my side— unless he's a surfer, of course. Damned surfers just love summer, and want it to last forever. Their favorite move said so. Me, I've had enough of it. Come on, fall, get your act together!
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Cut Off [Sep. 22nd, 2016|08:14 am]
The Internets went away from my house entirely for a few hours last night. AT&T put in anew box on its pole sometime ago, replacing one that squirrels had broken into and used as nut storage, but that didn't fix the problem as the squirrels had also munched the insulation off of the cable that leads from the box on the pole to my house. The cable will have to be replaced before I get reliable Internets again, and I have no idea when that's going to happen.

Another thing I don't know is why the squirrels munch the cable insulation. What flavor is the insulation? Is it made of walnuts? Do they get a high from it? Do they just reflexively chew on it? Does the government secretly bombard the squirrels with rays that give them an impulse to chew insulation? Should the squirrels wear tinfoil hats to protect themselves (and my Internets) from this government plot?

Could it be that the Squirrels belong to a secret terrorist group that wants to destroy the Internets? Are they motivated by a fanatical rodent religion? Or are they Communists bent on destroying Our Way of Life? Or are squirrels Internet ready and able plug into it by touching the wire under the insulation? Are the squirrels stealing my bandwidth to watch porn? Or is it something personal? Are they getting even with me because I don't leave all the walnuts that grow on my tree for them?

All these things are a mystery to me. All I know for sure is that my Internets went away for several hours last night, and as a consequence I didn't get a journal entry posted, and the squirrels are to blame. But they are so darn cute! I'll probably let them get away with it.

I just hope AT&T gets that cable replaced before the rainy season begins. And maybe use an insulation that squirrels don't like to munch on.
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