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The Weirdness, It Freezes [Feb. 23rd, 2017|11:01 pm]
The feral cats' water bowls did indeed freeze last night. They'll freeze again tonight. I'm avoiding the outdoors myself, as I don't fancy using the computer standing up, and if I go out I'm sure to freeze my buns off. But the rain that was supposed to arrive this weekend has mostly been canceled. There still might be a bit on Sunday, though maybe not, but I'll still probably be going shopping tomorrow instead.

And it's probably a good thing the rain has been probably canceled because there is now so much snow on top of the mountains that the peaks are like to get crushed. Warm rain this spring will be endangering the dams again, I'm sure, when all that snow starts to melt. If we get lucky and don't get those warm rains then there could be skiing into July. This has all gotten just too weird. I'm going to pretend I'm not in California anymore. It's too stressful.
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Lateness [Feb. 22nd, 2017|10:58 pm]
It has gotten very cold tonight. In fact it got cold enough this afternoon that the tail end of the rainstorm actually produced a couple of flurries of snow. The snow didn't stick, but it's very likely that the feral cats' water bowls will get frozen tonight, and for the next several nights. The next couple of days will probably stay dry, but there is now a possibility of rain on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Not much of a chance, and not much rain, but there it is. At least the cold is going to keep the Sierra snow pack fresh for another week or so. Sometime around the middle of next week the temperatures are supposed to start getting a bit higher again, both by day and by night. March might not start out very leonine this year.

My kitchen faucet remains unfixed (this has been somewhat of a pattern in my life— expect my funeral to take place some six months after I die) and so I'm going to make a simple dinner of soup again tonight. As I have no more rolls, I'm going to heat up a can of Progresso's Santa Fe Style Chicken, which will go well with some corn tortillas I've got left. It's very spicy, and will be well suited to this chilly night. This dinner is awfully late, though. I overslept and then got hug up on various Internets things again today. There's that pattern again.
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Getting Colder [Feb. 21st, 2017|07:43 pm]
The forecast is predicting possible thunderstorms tonight, but I haven't heard any rumbling yet. There was very little water falling outdoors today, but there was water indoors, in the form of a leaky faucet in the kitchen. It dripped into the cupboard below the sink and leaked out onto the floor, saturating the mat in front of it. A nephew looked at it and said it needs a part, and the part will cost about forty bucks. That means triage on the grocery list again this week. I hope the stores aren't having any good sales on stuff I really want, but are having them on stuff I really need.

Sunday is still supposed to be rainy, but less so than was predicted yesterday. If the forecast keeps trending that way it might be altogether dry. The strangest thing in the current forecast is a possibility of snow from about three o'clock to eight o'clock next Monday morning. There's unlikely to be very much of it though, as the entire Sunday-Monday storm is expected to bring less than an inch of rain altogether.

The intact feral tom cat who was missing for several days and then came back bearing evidence of having been in a fight vanished again after hanging around to recuperate for only a couple of days. He has been gone since early Saturday this time, I think, and was still looking pretty ragged last time I saw him. It's possible that he just came back to say goodbye. I gave him a couple of bowls of dry cat food softened in warm half-and-half, and he enjoyed those, and then went into the cupboard on the back porch to nap, which is the last place I saw him. The next day he was gone again. I'm not expecting him to return, and even if he does I doubt he'll live much longer. That kitty has obviously had a rough life.

As the faucet is not yet fixed I'll have to keep dinner simple, so there'll be minimal cleanup to do. It will probably be soup and a roll, so one pan, one bowl, one spoon, and a knife for spreading butter. I've been doing that more often lately, anyway. I no longer have the energy to make large meals on a regular basis. If it weren't for canned and frozen goods and the microwave I probably would have starved to death by now. Yea technology.
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Interlude [Feb. 20th, 2017|09:31 pm]
The rain has turned minimalist, and is barely there now, but the wind is growing furious. A power outage seems likely, but maybe our luck will hold as it has through all the recent storms. At least my dinner tonight is something I'll be able to make on the gas range— though I don't relish the thought of eating it while freezing in the dark. The forecast is now saying the heavy rain is apt to return around ten o'clock tonight. I should probably use this brief window of opportunity to get the wheelie bins out to the street for tomorrow's trash collection, and see if I've got any snail mail (before it gets even soggier.)

The longer range forecast is now predicting rain on Sunday, so I might have to see if I can arrange a Friday shopping trip this week. Of course that far out the forecast is never certain, so I'll have to see how it develops through the week. Last week we were promised four clear days this week, but now we are down to one (Thursday) and that one will be chilly (a high of 49, with a low of 28 that night. Brrrr.) This winter already seems like it has been going on much longer than it actually has. Sort of like the Trump administration (but much less unpleasant.)

I just got reminded that yesterday evening a pair of ducks went flying over my back yard at about 150 feet. That's about the lowest I've ever seen them fly here. Their quacks were quite cheerful.
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On End [Feb. 19th, 2017|11:58 pm]
The days are starting to run together. I can't recall if it rained all day today or if there were a few hours of mere overcast this afternoon. Perhaps that was yesterday, or the day before, or one day last week. I know it's raining now, and the wind is picking up and the pine trees are full of aspirate whispers.

What are they talking about? It must be a complaint. They are tired of dripping, their sodden roots ache with the cold, their limbs shudder as though they would snap. We are all short of temper. But there must be patience. The rain will be hanging about for a few more days, and the nights will be chilled longer.

But there will be sun eventually, and I'll be able to tell one day from another until the persistent light makes them monotonous again. For now I could do without that drumming on the window.

Sunday VerseCollapse )
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Foods and Floods [Feb. 18th, 2017|08:16 pm]
There was pretty heavy rain all morning and into the afternoon, but it ended just in time for my shopping trip. There was still some flooding at a couple of intersections where culverts had gotten stopped up by debris, but otherwise the streets were clear, and as I din't have much to buy the trip didn't take too long. A good thing, too, as I'd been awake since half past three this morning, and I'm thoroughly exhausted.

The Grocery Outlet had some frozen burritos stuffed with Italian meatballs, and I decided to try one as they were only .33 cents each. I'm going to pop one into the microwave and have it in lieu of dinner. If it gives me indigestion it might keep me awake a bit longer, so I won't find myself waking up at midnight or some such ungodly hour. If it doesn't give me indigestion and isn't repellent, I'll probably get a couple more next week, if they are still in stock. That store sells out of stuff fast, though.

The rain is supposed to return later tonight, and is expected to get pretty fierce over the next couple of days, though probably not as fierce as the storm that just passed through Southern California. I saw videos of flooding in and around Los Angeles and got nostalgic for the splendid rainstorms of my youth. I wouldn't mind seeing one again. The one thing that worries me about the upcoming storm here, though, is that it's expected to get very windy. Soggy rooted trees coming down and causing power outages is always a possibility, and one I'd rather go without.

Okay, bizarre Italian burrito.
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Dry Brains [Feb. 17th, 2017|09:30 pm]
It's been raining all day, but my back porch has stayed fairly dry so far thanks to an absence of wind. The air in the house is dry, too, thanks to the furnace running more to ward off the cold, but that's not such a good thing. My throat gets dry when the furnace runs too much, and that's uncomfortable. And it reminds me that I failed to clean the HVAC filter while the sun was out (I have to take it outside to dry it off.) I should write a note to myself to do it late next week when the sun returns, but then I'll probably forget where I put the note.

I've decided to make a batch of baked macaroni and cheese, and get some extra heat from having the oven on. It's in the oven right now and will be ready shortly. I might be back to the computer later, or I might fall asleep watching television again. It's difficult to say these days. I just hope I can get enough sleep and then wake up in time to get ready to go shopping tomorrow. My schedule has been so odd lately. I'm sure my brain is another thing that's drying out.
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Quick Stuff [Feb. 16th, 2017|11:51 pm]
There was only intermittent rain today, after quite a bit last night. There was even some sunshine this afternoon, though I only knew about it because I could see a patch of blue sky between the drapes, which I looked at from the couch when I briefly woke during my long unintentional nap. By the time I woke up and went outside around half past three the overcast had returned.

It will be cloudy again tomorrow, and much rainier, though the biggest rain is to come on Sunday, and Monday is expected to be pretty wet too. I've been able to arrange my shopping trip for Saturday,t hough, which is expected to be the least rainy day until next Tuesday. After that it should start clearing, with full sunlight a week from tomorrow. It won't be long before it starts to actually feel like spring around here. About the time the grass will need mowing, in fact. Every silver lining has its big, dark cloud.
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Croak [Feb. 15th, 2017|10:53 pm]
Wind is making the pine trees hum, and a few perfunctory sprinkles have fallen, harbingers of the rain that will begin sometime after midnight. It's getting colder again, but nowhere near cold enough to bring snow at this elevation. It will be colder still next week, and the snow level will get lower, but still probably not this low. There's still a possibility of snow here this year, but the chances grow slimmer as we approach March. I have seen snow here after the vernal equinox, but only twice in thirty years, so odds are low that we'll get any this year.

I think I'm going to remember this as the winter of the frogs. I've heard them almost every night, thanks to the combination of a lot of rain and comparatively moderate temperatures which have kept the amphibians active. The chorus is audible tonight, though a bit less loud than it was on those recent nights when it was a bit warmer. The frog songs are likely to stop altogether early next week when nocturnal temperatures fall near zero again. But they are bound to return once the nights warm again.

Something I didn't hear today was my kitchen telephone. I have a phone in the back bedroom as well, but when it rang this afternoon I headed for the kitchen as usual, as that one is hand held and doesn't tether me to the wall. As I approached the kitchen the sound diminished and I realized that the kitchen phone wasn't ringing, so I back tracked to the bedroom to answer the call there. When I returned to the kitchen I checked the wall plug and sure enough, the telephone was unplugged. Portia! How many times have I told you not to play with the phone cord? Ah, well, at least I don't have to get anew battery for the thing, which is what I'd first feared might be needed.

Tonight will be another soup night, not only because it's cold, but because my sleep schedule was catawampus again today and I'm running out of time and won't be able to cook anything. It's a good thing soup got invented. Not to mention cans.
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Disruptions [Feb. 14th, 2017|06:30 pm]
I didn't have to worry about being late for my appointment with the chiropractor today after all, but it was because he canceled his afternoon appointments. In fact he's not intending to schedule any afternoon appointments for the foreseeable future, which is going to make things difficult for me. I never know what my morning sleep schedule will be, but most of the time I can be pretty sure I'll be awake and at least somewhat alert in the afternoon.

Also, he has had to reschedule all his other afternoon patients whose appointments were cancelled, and as I didn't find out until fairly late it's likely to be at least a couple of weeks before I can get another. There's always the possibility of a cancellation, but there will also be a waiting list for that. I didn't make a new appointment today because I have to arrange transportation, which adds another layer of complexity. I've gone without an adjustment for eight weeks now, and will probably have gone a minimum of ten weeks by the time I get one. I hope I'm still functional by the time I do.

Anyway. Valentine's Day. It's been all over the Interwebs all day, and the subject of far too many emails, and now I am craving chocolate more than is good for me. I broke open a package of Ghirardelli's dark chocolate chips, and have been munching on those. It has probably ruined my dinner, as my mom used to warn me. But since I don't have a regular dinner schedule I can just have it later. In the meantime, these chips are tasty and I need to put the package away before I down all of them.

One of the eight rainy days in a row (starting Thursday) that had been predicted has been downgraded to a mere mostly cloudy. It's Sunday, lucky me. If the prediction holds I can go shopping without getting wet once again. It also looks like Oroville won't be getting wet, either, as the evacuation order has been lifted. The coming storms are supposed to be lighter and colder than the last ones, so the dam's emergency spillway that eroded so badly over the weekend probably won't kick in.

Of course the rainy season could last a couple more months, and with the amount of snow that has accumulated at the higher elevations of the mountains this winter (it reached 173% of average earlier this month) it would take only one big, warm, spring storm to start rapid melting and put the branches of the Feather River that feed the lake up to flood stage and start filling the dam faster than it can be emptied again. If I lived below the dam I wouldn't relax until May. Luckily I don't. The worst that could happen up here is that flooding could take out some of PG&E's power lines and cause a major regional outage.

Today was quite beautiful, with lots of sunshine and thin cirrus clouds, and the heavy overcast didn't start reappearing until half an hour before sunset, but it will be the last such day for more than a week. I feel bad for the feral cats. They're going to hate the next week, and they've already endured so many like it this year. I should get them some special food or something as compensation.
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