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Nodding [Jan. 18th, 2018|11:03 pm]
We got our rain, and though it never got very intense it has lasted a long time, and could continue off and on until early tomorrow afternoon. That's when I'll be going shopping, so I won't have to worry about getting soaked when the rain returns Sunday. The prediction of snow has been restored, but only for the hour from six to seven next Thursday morning. It's expected to get very cold, but only when the midweek storm is waning. I guess we might get lucky, but the odds are slim. I expect we'll freeze but stay dry.

I ended up short of sleep again today, and might again tomorrow, which would leave me shopping while muddled— never the best idea, but there it is. At least I'll have the shopping out of the way, and thus will have the weekend entirely free for recuperating from the exhaustion. But the lack of sleep the last couple of nights is already telling on my brain, and I'm starting to nod off right now, so all I want to do is flop down in front of the television and probably go to sleep before whatever I try to watch is over. Good thing English people aren't murdering one another tonight. I hate when I don't get to see the ends of English murders.
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Napping Cattily [Jan. 17th, 2018|08:40 pm]
Very weird sleep schedule. I dozed off somewhere around one o'clock in the morning, but then woke up before four and couldn't get back to sleep. I finally gave up, but then around seven o'clock I was lying on the couch and began cat napping, which went on for about four hours. That series probably got me another hour and a half of sleep, so now I'm pretty much exhausted. I fear getting overtired, which would be likely to keep me awake again tonight. I probably won't even make any dinner tonight. I've got some quick microwave oatmeal packets and I might eat one of those.

I did manage to get some laundry done today, but I still can't figure out what is wrong with my dryer. The last couple of times I've used it it has left little dark smudges, mostly crescent shaped, all over everything white. They are undoubtedly all over everything else too, but can't be seen on the darker fabrics. I suspect some sort of grease or oil is leaking, which would not bode well for the moving parts of the machine. It's one damned thing, as they say, after another.

The rain due tomorrow now won't arrive until after dawn, and could be pretty intense around midday. There could be some stiff south wind with it, too, which is the sort most likely to flood my back porch. The feral cats will not be happy. The frogs won't mind, I'm sure. We will probably get a couple more feet of snow in the mountains, which is not a whole lot compared to what we need, but every bit helps, but sadly it now looks like it won't be getting quite cold enough for the snow to get down to this elevation. Well, there's still two months of official winter left, so maybe later.

I just stepped outside and saw that there is a bit of fog now. It's not very thick, but it's enough to diffuse and soften the glare from the streetlight that shines into my back yard from the next street over all winter. I do love a nice fog, and it doesn't even bother me that the damp sharpens the chill of the night air. It smells good, too. I'm going to bundle up and spend some time with it before I make that oatmeal. I don't think I'm tired enough to fall asleep outdoors and get chilled, so it's probably safe to stay out for a while.
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Period of Adjustment [Jan. 16th, 2018|10:28 pm]
The adjustment from the chiropractor this afternoon was a bit more difficult than usual, probably because it's been five weeks instead of the usual four since I've had one, but I've had worse. The next appointment is in four weeks, so I expect it will be a bit easier next time. Though it's also possible that the bit of extra weight I've picked up recently is putting more strain on my back, and that is contributing to the problem.

Anyway, the adjustment has left me a bit sore, and I also didn't get quite enough sleep last night, so I'm probably just going to veg out in front of the television until I drop off.

It's colder tonight, too, since the cold front passed through after the rain ended early this morning. Another storm is due Thursday, and it's going to be colder than last night's storm was, and then another storm still colder is due Sunday. After that it's anybody's guess. I might just try to hibernate as much as possible through January, and maybe February. It's a good thing I've got plenty of hoodies.
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Bark [Jan. 15th, 2018|10:17 pm]
It's supposed to start raining later tonight, but currently I can see stars here and there so the clouds must not be any thicker than they were most of the day. Only about a quarter inch of rain is expected, but at the moment it's looking like even that might not show up. I suppose I could be grateful that tomorrow afternoon is now predicted to be dry, so I won't get wet when I go to the chiropractor, but we need rain so badly that I'm disappointed even by that small benefit.

Somewhere far off beyond the frog colony I heard a dog barking repeatedly when I was outside a few minutes ago. There was probably a raccoon or skunk or maybe some deer passing by his house. A person passing by would be unlikely in this rustic backwater. Hearing a dog barking in the distance at night makes me sad, especially on a night that has grown as chilly as this one already has. The croaking of the frogs, of course, cheers me, so the night has confused me with mixed feelings. I enjoy listening to the frogs, but feel bad for that lonely dog out in the cold.

I'm going to fix some ramen with vegetables and mushrooms tonight, and I'm considering putting some quinoa in it too, for the extra protein. Online I found instructions for microwaving quinoa, so while the vegetables and ramen are cooking I can make some quinoa without using the right-sized pot I use for both ramen and quinoa. So far I haven't gotten around to making the quinoa-grits combination I was intending to try, but Internet tells me it is not my original idea. Quinoa and corn grits polenta is apparently a thing. Something for my short bucket list.

Oh, trash night has sneaked up on me again. Must get the wheelie bins out before it gets any later. Those plastic wheels are noisy and I don't want to disturb any sleeping neighbors.
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Dumb Thing to Do [Jan. 14th, 2018|11:59 pm]
Oh, dear. I overextended myself today and fell asleep watching television before getting anything done this evening. I was watching a mystery, too, and woke up just in time to find out who the murderer was, but not to find out how they were found out. I was pissed at myself, but not as pissed as I'd have been had they had it been an English murderer. As it was an American murderer, my annoyance was diminished since American murders tend to be sloppy and stupid anyway.

But now it's terribly late and I haven't had my dinner, and I'll probably be awake most of the night, and my sleep schedule might still be deranged Tuesday when I have an appointment with the chiropractor. I hate getting my head yanked about when I haven't had enough sleep. So I'm going to go eat something now. Maybe some canned tamales will cheer me up.

Sunday VerseCollapse )
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Frogged In [Jan. 13th, 2018|11:58 pm]
For some reason I thought I'd posted an entry tonight, but I just discovered I never got around to it. Either that or sometime during the last couple of hours I've slipped into an alternate timeline in which I didn't do it. I hate when that happens. I never know what has been left behind, or what will become of it.

But the frogs made it into this timeline. They began their song at dusk and have continued since, filling the cool night air with their warm vibrations. I'm pretty sure the frogs are transcendent, and manage to stitch all the dimensions and all the timelines together with their music, so it probably doesn't matter whether I am coming temporally unstuck or not.

Should time remain true to the current predictions, I will go buy food tomorrow, and go get my head yanked about by the chiropractor Tuesday, when there is now predicted to be morning rain that will be continuing from Monday night. Then more rain will arrive Wednesday or early Thursday, and a brief snowstorm could be here from late Friday evening into early Saturday morning. Frogs willing.

In short, it could be an interesting week. I believe that's an old Roman curse: "May you live through an interesting week." I wonder what old Roman has cursed me? The frogs probably know, but if they are telling me with their croaks I don't know how to interpret them. To bad. I'd love to speak frog language. They must have some fascinating tales to tell. Far more interesting than my journal entires, I'm sure.
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Starry [Jan. 12th, 2018|09:01 pm]
The frogs are getting louder each night. In spring, when the nights are milder, I'd be outside listening to them much longer. As chilly as it is right now I can't remain out for long. Too bad, because the stars are out, too, the clouds having thinned considerably. Orion is hanging above the pine trees, sparkling in the absence of the late-rising moon.

The next couple of days are predicted to be almost warm— in the mid-sixties, which would be nice for those spring evenings I wish we were having. The mild days won't be followed by mild nights, though. Those will continue to get down into the high forties, until late next week when some genuinely cold wintry nights could arrive. There is even a possibility of local snow flurries during the rainstorm that is forecast for a week from this coming Sunday.

But I've pretty much given up hope of ever seeing any actual snow here again. It has been several years now since we've had anything resembling a proper snowfall. It gets close to cold enough, but usually when there is no storm to bring snow, and when there is a storm it always seems to be a bit too warm. Heating the house during a snowstorm isn't any more costly than heating it on a cold, dry night, so it seems like a waste to have to burn gas without any snowy reward.

Once again, English people are about to murder one another on television, so it's time for me to go. And once again I've dawdled too long and my dinner will have to wait until around eleven o'clock. I really need to get a grip on the passage of time. This Internet thing is eating my brain. Well, that means at least something has been fed on time. Wish it was me.
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Croakery [Jan. 11th, 2018|09:00 pm]
A frog nocturne is playing again tonight, and seems louder despite the chill in the air. One would think the cold-blooded frogs would be hunkering down when it drips below fifty degrees, but apparently not. Maybe the activity keeps them warm enough. I enjoyed listening to the song for a while, but had to come back indoors when my ears started tingling from the cold.

It's supposed to get slightly warmer tomorrow, and then quite a bit warmer for the weekend, though still not warm enough to have the windows open. More rain is possible early next week, and I'm hoping it won't interfere with my appointment with the chiropractor. My neck has been increasingly uncomfortable this week. I'd have had an appointment day before yesterday, which would have been four weeks since the previous adjustment, but the doctor was going to be out of town so I had to settle for a five-week hiatus between appointments. Do not like.

As it's getting late in the evening and I've heard nothing about a ride being available, I'm assuming I won't be going to the stores tomorrow. Sunday is likely when it will happen. That gives the nephew a couple more days to cough up the money he owes me. If the money is not forthcoming the shopping will be brief and scanty, and this week I'll probably run out of the items the nephew likes to scrounge from my larder, so the joke will be on him. Well, on me too, of course, but I intend to make sure there's enough cat food. The nephew is not allowed to play jokes on the cats. Fool me, shame on you; fool my cats, I'll put you in the pound.
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Forgetful [Jan. 10th, 2018|10:33 pm]
I'm not sure I can tell today apart from yesterday. They are blending together in my memory— same weather, same reruns on television, same sore arse from sitting at the computer too long. I think I ate a different lunch, but I can't remember which lunch was yesterday's and which was today's. Maybe it wasn't different. Maybe I'm remembering Monday's lunch.

I don't remember last night's dinner, either, but I know it wasn't anything Chinese, so in a last-ditch effort to differentiate today I think I'll microwave one of the Chinese things I bought Sunday. Tomorrow is supposed to have pretty much the same weather as today, so I'll have to think of something that will differentiate it, too. The last of the frozen lasagnas? That might make me think tomorrow was part of last week, though. Maybe I ought to just give up on the idea that I'll ever be able to keep track of the passage of time again.

Oh, rats, I forgot to go look at the supermarket web sites again. No wonder I didn't know it was Wednesday.
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Croak [Jan. 9th, 2018|10:37 pm]
The frogs are back. I can hear them from my back porch, croaking away along their little creek a few hundred feet east. Their creek is likely to get freshened some more over the next couple of days, though their nights will be getting chillier than they've been for a while. The days are supposed to warm up a bit over the weekend, but then we could get more rain early next week. The frogs will be happy for that. The feral cats will prefer the weekend. So will I, since it will mean the furnace won't be running as much.

Of course there's no other good reason to celebrate the lack of cold. The snow pack in the Sierra Nevada is currently only a fraction of normal for the date. It's looking more and more as though last year's copious snowfall was a fluke, and that the long-term condition in California now is likely to be drought. Realizing this, I intend to enjoy what little rain we do get, and the frog songs it brings. Starting right now, in fact.
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