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Chilly Again [Nov. 17th, 2017|08:23 pm]
It's gotten quite nippy outside tonight, and it's nippy enough indoors with the thermostat set to 64 to save gas. I'm thinking I'll have to raise it back up to 66, because my ears are getting tingly even under my hoodie, and my toes are tingly as well. I just have crappy circulation anymore. The good news is that next week's three days of rain have been converted to four days, but not as cold as previously predicted, and with a two-day hiatus in between when the high could get up into the mid-sixties. That won't be high enough to warm the house, but it will be high enough to reduce the amount of time I'll need to run the furnace.

Shopping has been tentatively arranged for tomorrow afternoon. A Grocery Outlet ad arrived in my email today, with yet another pie sale in it. Actually, two pie sales, one for frozen pies and one for fresh, and better prices than even the ones I already knew about. Neither of these is among my favorite pie brands, though, so I might just stick with my original plan for one fresh pie from Safeway and one frozen pie from Save Mart. Two pies for three bucks is an awfully tempting deal, though, even if they are Mrs. Smith's (the mediocre brand.) (But then maybe I could buy them as a distraction for the nephew in case he comes to raid the freezer.)

Also good news, English people will murder one another on television tonight, and I have a tamale, a burrito, and taquitos for dinner. English murder and Mexican food are an unbeatable combination, as far as I'm concerned, especially on a chilly November night. The only problem is that I forgot to chill a beer, so it's in the freezer and I hope it gets chilled to perfection by the time the English mayhem comes on at nine o'clock. It should get cold enough by then, as it started out at 64 degrees and thus didn't have very far to go.

Oh, and geese have been flying south over the neighborhood again tonight. I'm still waiting to hear some trumpeter swans. They are like having a jazz club in the sky, however briefly.
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Those Were the Days [Nov. 16th, 2017|11:20 pm]
The Internet devouring another day. I got hung up on looking at old photographs again, and thereby fell into nostalgia, which is a pit often difficult to climb out of. When this sort of thing happens it always occurs to me that I might be better off if I just drank myself into a stupor instead. But then Internet is something I'm going to pay for anyway, and I'd have to spend quite a bit of additional money to buy liquor, so it's surely cheaper just to let the digital world drag me into oblivion.

What I was oblivious to was a gray, intermittently rainy day. It's raining pretty hard right now, but should end before dawn and the forecast promises sunshine tomorrow, though, once again, not much warmth. The next rainstorm is still due on Monday, and could continue off and on through next Friday. An entire week of wetness! The fallen leaves will never get dry enough to make raking them anything other than unpleasant!

The day of shopping has not yet been determined, but my list is made out, more or less. I still have to trim it a bit because there are too many pies on sale this week. I should limit myself to two— one fresh from the bakery and one frozen to keep for later. But I have to decide which flavors to get, and which brand of frozen pie. Thank goodness this is the sort of problem we have to deal with around the holidays. I'm getting too old to be making decisions all the time. I just want to get drunk and wallow in Internet nostalgia.
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Slide [Nov. 15th, 2017|11:19 pm]
Time escaping again. I think the rain made it move faster. Trying not to get wet, perhaps. I haven't even had my dinner yet. I should make soup, I guess. Quick and warm.
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Dumb Guy [Nov. 14th, 2017|10:46 pm]
The chiropractic adjustment this afternoon went reasonably well, considering I hadn't had one in seven weeks. I'll probably be a bit sore tomorrow, but then I won't be doing anything or going anywhere, so I can just rest up. The forecast is predicting over three inches of rain. It's likely to start falling before dawn, and continue falling pretty intensely through tomorrow, tapering off after midnight but continuing off and on through the early morning hours of Friday. A much less intense storm could begin Sunday night, with showers for several days after that.

Ski resorts in the Sierra are preparing to open, as this storm could bring as much as three feet of snow to the higher elevations. This is the same storm system that has been inundating the Pacific northwest for the last couple of days. So far we've just been on the fringes of it, and this afternoon the sky here was full of densely crowded flocks of sheep clouds. It was quite impressive, though the sunset was less so. I guess the clouds lacked sufficient ice to catch the colors. It's expected to dip just barely below fifty degrees here tonight.

I got my gas/electric bill this afternoon but haven't opened it yet. It's sitting on the desk, threatening. I should probably just open it and get it over with....


Well, actually that's not quite as bad as I'd expected, though the chilly late September nights did cause some havoc. I went well over the first-tier allowance and had to pay the higher price for about three quarters of what I burned. The winter allowance kicks in on November first, so I paid the lower, first-tier price for everything I've used since then. I'm sure I'll be getting into the second tier in December, though, so next month's bill is sure to top $100, probably by a whole lot. This month it's only 90 bucks and change. Phew. I was really expecting it to go over a hundred this month.

On the way home today I stopped and got a fresh bottle of shampoo from the dollar store. The last time I bought it I discovered that they had changed the formula— or so I thought. When I saw the bottle in the store today a thought came to me, and when I got home I checked the old bottle I've been using for the last few weeks. As the sight of the new bottle had suggested to me in the store, the old bottle wasn't shampoo at all, but conditioner. I've been trying to shampoo my hair with conditioner for weeks now, terribly annoyed that their "new formula" couldn't produce decent lather! I guess this puts me in the running for this year's Homer Simpson D'Oh! Prize for Incredible Dopiness. I'm also guessing I'm in the lead so far.
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Late [Nov. 13th, 2017|10:59 pm]
I've just now finished folding the laundry. Where does the time go? This afternoon it looked for a while that some of it might get lost in a fog, but the fog failed to thicken as I'd hoped. We got a bit of drizzle now and then, but no real rain. Tomorrow is supposed to bring some sun, and it will be slightly warmer, but still colder than autumn should be. It ought to be in the mid-sixties in this part of November, not the mid-fifties. At least the nights are no colder than they normally are, though.

But wherever the time went, it's gone now, and I have to go put the wheelie bins out. I can't remember if Armistice Day Veterans Day is one of the holidays that leads to a change in trash pickup schedule, and I can't find the sheep with the information on it, but better safe than keeping trash an extra week, so out they go.
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The Persistent Damp [Nov. 12th, 2017|11:14 pm]
Hours of overcast and chill, and Sunday stillness broken now and then by crows squawking, have left me with a strange combination of ennui and anxiety. The turbine vent on the roof has been squeaking when there is enough breeze to turn it, as it does when it gets damp. Everything is still damp, even though there has been no rain all day. It feels like it will never be dry again, and the weather forecast adds convincing evidence that it certainly won't be dry anytime soon.

For the most part, I just feel a bit dazed. The feral cats don't seem to mind, though. They are probably just glad that the rain is over for now. As for me, I'm thinking pie might help. It probably can't hurt, in any case, and since my mind is more blank than not, I might as well turn my attention to baked triviality. With luck it will provide me with sufficient distraction from the thought of that dark sky up there that keeps threatening to fall on me.

Sunday VerseCollapse )
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Droop [Nov. 11th, 2017|08:30 pm]
For some reason I can barely keep my eyes open tonight. I hope I'm still awake at nine o'clock, though, because I'm pretty sure English people will be murdering one another on television at that time, and I'd hate to miss that. And I didn't even wake up all that early today, nor was this afternoon's shopping trip especially tiring. I'm just going to assume I have some terrible disease and am experiencing the early stages of a coma.

The weather continues to be unseasonably chilly, and though we got some sun today it never warmed up much, nor will it tomorrow, which is to be cloudier than today was. Rain again on Monday, partly cloudy on Tuesday, rain again on Wednesday and Thursday, but chilly sun back on Friday, then a rainy weekend. The temperature will never get above the mid-fifties. My budget is doomed.

What I am going to do now is fix something to eat. It might make me sleepier, but hunger is a bad reason to stay awake.
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Chilly [Nov. 10th, 2017|11:59 pm]
Shorty, the black feral cat, caught a rodent today. It looked like a vole. I heard Shorty smack against the inside of the aluminum wall of the shed in the back yard, and seconds later he emerged with the rodent in his mouth. Voles would be wise to avoid that shed, as Shorty has claimed it for his own. It's where he spends much of his time, especially when there is rain.

I've been intending to put a box with some rags in it out there for him to sleep in when it gets cold. He sometimes spends chilly nights in the cupboard on the back porch, in which I have placed a couple of old pillows, but most of the time he seems to prefer the shed.

Arrangements have been made for a shopping trip tomorrow. There will be pie, among other things, and some grapefruit juice. Oh, and the butter is on sale so I can stock up. Always good to have plenty of butter during popcorn weather.

I'm running a bit late tonight because English people were murdering one another on television tonight. They were murders I've seen before, but they wear well.

There should be some sunshine tomorrow. This afternoon I saw a few streaks of blue among the clouds, but they were soon gone.
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Still Chilly [Nov. 9th, 2017|10:46 pm]
I still can't get over how quickly, and early, this year has turned wintry. The high today was ten degrees below the long-term average for the date, though the overcast will keep tonight's low four degrees higher than average. There wasn't much rain today, but there is supposed to be more tonight and tomorrow. I won't be going shopping tomorrow, so it will happen either Saturday (probably dry) or Sunday (probably wet.) Naturally I hope it will be Saturday, but I don't always get what I want.

The leaves I never got around to raking from the back lawn are now sodden and will require quite a bit of sunlight, which they are unlikely to get, to dry out. Despite the carpet of leaves, the lawn is turning green from all the rain. Thankfully it doesn't grow very fast this time of year, so it probably won't need mowing. Unless, of course, we get that warm Indian summer, which could cause the grass to sprout if the warm spell lasted long enough. I'm not really expecting such an event, though. Something tells me it's going to be a long time before we get any more warm weather. Last fall, winter, and spring were all pretty cool and wet, and around here annual patterns repeat more often than they don't.

There is ministrone soup for late dinner tonight, and a stale telera roll with which to make garlic toast, but I miscalculated and ran out of tomato, so the salad will be just lettuce and cucumber. I do hope the acidity of the soup doesn't give me indigestion. Raw tomato for some reason can usually counteract the effect of cooked tomato for me, and I've been getting more acid indigestion recently than I've had in a long time. I definitely have to remember to get some fresh tomatoes this week, because the combination of cold weather and this week's sales at the markets means I'll be eating quite a bit of soup soon, and a lot of that soup will have tomato in it.

I got hung up listening to theater organ music on YouTube today I never got to hear one of these monsters live. A few theaters still have them, so maybe there's still a chance I will someday.

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Wet [Nov. 8th, 2017|09:46 pm]
The last rainstorm took its time getting here and arrived almost a day late, but this one hurried and got here several hours ahead of time. Rain has been falling most of the day, but mostly in moderate amounts. There is no wind to speak of, either, so my back porch has remained pretty dry for the feral cats. Tonight won't be as cold as last night was, and tomorrow is likely to be a rerun of today, but with a bit less rain. Tomorrow night will get heavier rain, and there could be rain most oft he day Friday, but it will probably end that evening. Saturday is looking like it could be pleasant and dry, but not especially warm.

There could be two rainstorms next week, the first from Sunday evening through Monday evening, and the next from Wednesday afternoon through very early Friday morning. Tuesday is predicted to be fair, though chilly. No rain on Tuesday would be nice, as that's when my next appointment with the chiropractor is. It was originally scheduled for the middle of last month, but has been moved twice. It will be seven weeks since my last adjustment, so I'm really hoping it doesn't have to be delayed again. My neck is getting quite uncomfortable.

Oops. I spoke too soon. Drumming on the roof just started, and I went out to see what was up and not only is there a downpour going on, but the wind has picked up. The porch won't be dry for long. Shorty, the black cat, has already taken refuge in the cupboard under the sink, and Porky, who spends most of his time next door, is huddling in a corner next to the back door. I think I'd better shut the computer down in case the wind uproots a tree and drops it on an electric line creating an outage. If the bluster doesn't last too long I might be back later, but for now I'm going to go read something.

Those flocks of geese who have been flying south over the neighborhoods the last few nights were on to something.
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