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Displaced [Dec. 4th, 2016|05:01 pm]
The shopping trip fell through, and has yet to be rescheduled. This leaves me feeling at loose ends. That happens a lot these days so one would think I'd be accustomed to it, but I'm not. I'll probably end up feeling displaced in time all night. That night is about to begin, as something resembling a sunset is going on right now. The last bit of color is draining from the sky where the clouds that kept the day gray have begun to break up. Only the west has partly cleared. Everywhere else it remains overcast, and it may be the moon will remain hidden until it reaches the westernmost part of the sky. But clouds are unstable things, like my schedule, so maybe not.

Now where did I put that thing I thought I wanted but now can't remember what it is?

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Near Mildness [Dec. 3rd, 2016|06:41 pm]
Today it got what passes for warm around here in November. The feral cats basked in the sun in the back yard, and Portia spent a couple of hours napping on a window sill. Indoors, I still needed the furnace, and it ran far too often even though I have the thermostat set pretty low. Colder days and nights lie ahead, and I dread the arrival of December's utility bill. It will undoubtedly be the biggest check I'll write all month.

In other money related news, the nephew who owes me some will finally be able to pay me, but not until Monday or Tuesday, which means I'll have to stop at the bank before I go shopping tomorrow. It adds more than a mile to the length of the trip, and I was hoping to put it off until later in the month. At least I'll have enough in the bank to actually shop tomorrow, and won't have to miss this week's sale times (as I did on the week before Thanksgiving, which as usual had the best sale of the year.) No more subsidies for that nephew.

Still haven't gotten around to dealing with all those fallen leaves. Maybe tomorrow, if I wake up early enough. Afternoon will be taken up with shopping. I think it's supposed to rain Tuesday, and that's trash day, too, so I really need to get it over with by Monday afternoon and get my leaf-stuffed wheelie bins out that evening. The rain gutters probably need cleaned out before Tuesday as well. I like the trees, but they sure are a hassle in autumn.

Now dinner, after a few minutes of looking at the waxing crescent moon as an appetizer (less fattening than cheese.)
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Mood [Dec. 2nd, 2016|07:31 pm]
Necco wafers usually do something to get me out of a bad mood, but they aren't working very well tonight. Not even the clove and cinnamon flavors. I suppose I'm slightly less pissed off than I was before I started eating them, but there's a long way to go before I stop fantasizing about wholesale slaughter of the offenders and settle for fantasizing about their mere ruin. It doesn't help that I'm running low on Necco wafers, and am unlikely to get in a fresh supply anytime soon. K-mart is the only place around here that has them, and for the month before Clausmas going into K-mart for anything is a nightmare.

Mmmm, licorice. That helps... a little.
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Dull Season [Dec. 1st, 2016|05:57 pm]
So I spent a long time this afternoon looking at the accumulated leaves on my back lawn and thinking about raking at least part of them. In the end, I merely swept away those which had fallen on the walk that bisects the lawn, and left the rest to continue decaying. I think they might need to dry a bit more before raking. There is not supposed to be any more rain until early next week, and most of the days between now and then are expected to be fairly sunny, so such drying should take place.

As the leaves dry they get smaller and lighter, so they will get easier to deal with and will take up less space in the wheelie bins. That's my excuse, anyway. If I don't have them removed by the time the rain returns then I'll be forced to admit that I just don't feel like raking.

Sadly, contemplating those leaves and sweeping a few from the walk was the most exciting thing to happen all day. This being November, it will probably turn out to have been the most exciting thing to happen around here all week. Something exciting might happen out in the big world, but this place is pretty much guaranteed to be monotonous this time of year.

I suppose a neighbor might go crazy and shoot somebody, but that hasn't happened yet in the thirty years I've been here, so either it remains unlikely or we are due for such an event. Being no prognosticator, I can't say which. Too bad I can't read chicken entrails. But then I have no chickens, so that's no matter either, is it?

I fell asleep last night before turning off the computer, so it has been on since yesterday afternoon and needs its beauty sleep. I'm making an early night of it and will soon go microwave a burrito and transfer my attention to the television. Sometimes English people murder one another there on Wednesdays. I haven't checked the schedule yet, but I can hope.
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Chilly Neglect [Nov. 30th, 2016|10:05 pm]
It was remarkably cold today, and thus is already remarkably cold tonight. The cold has been all the more noticeable since the change from yesterday's high was large; 17 degrees. Oddly, last night got down to 34, which is a bit higher than tonight's low will be. Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit warmer than today, but not as warm as yesterday. In fact yesterday's 61 could turn out to have been the highest high for quite some time. The day (and night) I'm keeping an eye on is next Tuesday. There's a 40% chance of rain, and the nocturnal low is to be 30 degrees, which opens up the possibility of snow that night. Dawn next Wednesday might reveal a frozen white blanket covering the ground.

Tonight, the only blankets will be the ones covering me. I'm picturing myself curling up under them even now. But first there will have to be some soup consumed, and before that there will have to be a computer put to sleep, and before that there will have to be a cat's litter box emptied, and before that the (snail) mailbox must be checked. I totally forgot to look in it not only today but yesterday, and there might be stuff piling up— though this late in the month probably not. Not unless someone decided to send me a surprise, which hasn't happened in, oh, years and years. It's possible that everybody I used to know is dead, and I just haven't been informed of of the fact.

But that would be depressing, so I'm just going to pretend that they plain don't give a rat's ass. Which is probably not actually pretending, come to think of it. If any of them gave a rat's ass it would have been delivered by now. So I might find something in the mail box tonight, but if I do it will probably be advertising of some sort, and not a rat's ass.

I hope it snows next week. That might go a little way toward making up for my rat's asslessness.
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Disruption [Nov. 29th, 2016|11:38 pm]
Today turned out to be one of my occasional sleep catch-up days. I don't remember exactly when I fell asleep last night, but I think it was not long after midnight. Then I woke up around four o'clock in the morning, cat napped for a while,then fall asleep again and woke up about seven o'clock this morning. The surprise came later, when I fell asleep again while watching television about one o'clock in the afternoon, then didn't wake up until after four o'clock this evening. I saw very little sunlight today, even though the day was mostly sunny— at least the parts of it I did see were.

But the end result of all this is that I've spent the rest of the day since waking just trying to catch up with everything I didn't get done. I haven't yet. I'm not sure how tonight will go. I might find myself unable to sleep again until dawn, or after dawn, or I might just pass out again unexpectedly. It will probably be a couple of days before I feel anything like normal again. I usually is when this happens. I miss the days when I had a regular, dependable schedule.

For the time being I'll just concentrate on not forgetting what day of the week it is. Something tells me even that won't be very easy.
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Enlightened [Nov. 28th, 2016|10:27 pm]
The oak tree that blocks the light from the sodium vapor street lamp on the next block back of my house has dropped all its leaves, and now that light will be glaring onto my back wall every night until the new leaves come out in spring. It is literally the only street lamp in the neighborhood, and it is in exactly the wrong spot. A bit farther up or down that block and it would be permanently hidden from my yard by some nice pine trees.

In fact there used to be a few pines that mostly blocked it. They were in the yard over my back fence. The owner of that property had them all cut down to make room for access to an over-sized garage and workshop he put up, but the new building is too far north to block the light itself. The big open space it needed in front of it, so vehicles could get into it, is where the useful trees were. I really miss those trees. The squirrels probably miss them, too. Between them they probably produced a couple hundred pine cones full of tasty nuts every year.

I think my nephew, who has been hanging out in my garage, just made some coffee, as I keep smelling it. If he didn't, then I've probably got a brain tumor. Real or imagined, the aroma is making me nostalgic for the days when I could drink coffee without getting the fantods and staying awake for days on end. I could still drink decaf, of course, but that stuff just doesn't taste the same, even with all the modern technological advances in decaffeinating it. Gee, I miss coffee as much as I miss those light-hiding pine trees.

Dinner has been much delayed tonight. I was going to bake something, but time flew even though I was not having fun, so now I think I'll just have a can of soup again. There are fresh bread rolls from Safeway, which make a nice accompaniment to soup. Especially when they have way more butter than I should eat on them. Yes,that sound good. Soup it is.
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Decline [Nov. 27th, 2016|08:01 pm]
There was sunshine when I set out on my shopping trip today, but heavy, low clouds gathered before I got home, and tonight there could be more rain. After tomorrow there will be several mostly clear days, but they will be cold, and the nights will be very cold indeed. It's definitely feeling like winter already, though some of the trees have yet to shed their last leaves and my yard is still strewn with many of those that have fallen. I should get a chance to rake them before the next round of rainstorms arrives early next week.

Last night I let the computer do the disc check that now goes so slowly. It took close to fifteen hours, and wasn't done until early this afternoon, but the machine has been stable so far today (though still terribly slow) so maybe it was worth it. I was asleep about half the time it was going on anyway, and got caught up on some reading (of stuff printed on actual paper) part of the time. There was also some television, but damned if I can remember any of what I watched.

There was something else I was going to write about, but both my memory and my attention span are so diminished these days that it has left my mind altogether. Maybe I could figure out some way to use that big empty space where my brain used to be for something else. But then I'd probably just forget what I'd put there, and wander around the house looking for it. Oh, well. I decline, like the year.

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Hanging by Threads [Nov. 26th, 2016|04:54 pm]
So far today I've had only three browser crashes and have only had to reboot the computer once (knock on wood silicon) so I guess I'm doing pretty well. In fact considering that I'm using a computer about ten years old with an OS that Microsoft hasn't supported in about two years and a browser version that Opera hasn't supported in over a year, that's very good indeed. There's no telling how long my luck will last, though, so I'm posting a brief entry just in case.

It's pretty cold today, it has been raining most of the day, and my furnace is burning money, but I think I've gotten an advance on the money my nephew owes me so I'll be able to go grocery shopping tomorrow after all, so hooray. Another can has been kicked down the road, and I'll have something to eat other than ramen next week. Might even have some beer (there was none this week due to short funds last week.) These days, that counts as a great victory.

I'm a bit short of sleep. There's a bag of walnuts I keep forgetting to give my sister, and early this morning Portia discovered them and got one from the bag and began knocking it around the kitchen, so it went rattling across the linoleum and banging against the baseboards and the bottoms of the cupboards. She is taking her household position as alarm cat far too seriously. I'm putting the bag of walnuts in a cupboard instead of on the counter. Hopefully that will take care of that problem and I'll get enough sleep tomorrow.

As the computer is apt to be a pain in the neck I'll be switching to television early tonight. I'm not sure what's on, but whatever it is is bound to be better than watching my browser vanish right in the middle of some task. Now, if the power only stays on....

Oh, and so long Fidel Castro, you sententious, anti-urban, Jeffersonian-agrarian-sentimentalist ass. I know damned well your cigar was never just a cigar.
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Crashery [Nov. 25th, 2016|11:51 pm]
This computer has been on its last legs for quite some time. Today it has been on the last toe of its last foot. There have been multiple browser crashes with two different browsers, multiple computer crashes, pop-ups full of dire warnings about various things going wrong, and when I have gotten Windows to load it has taken forever.

Odds are good that it will never function again after tonight, and I'll be forced to migrate to another computer— though I'll probably have to leave some stuff behind. My backups are nowhere near up-to-date (the tediousness of maintenance is one of the most baneful banes of my existence.)

In fact I'm not sure I can get a browser to work long enough for me to get online again, which is why I am writing this entry in the Semagic LJ client, for the lightness and reliability of which I am eternally grateful (thanks, Sema.)

Anyway, the day has been utterly exhausting, and the prospect of migrating to another computer being fraught with the potential for even greater exhaustion, I'm ready to do some crashing myself. It's cold in here, colder outside, and the pasta (which was all I had time to boil for dinner) is making me feel like I've been stuffed with some portion of the lead from my feet and my arse.

Now I'm going to go join Portia on the couch. She's been napping all evening, and will probably demand attention as soon as I get there. If she knows what's good for her she'll just purr and go back to sleep after a minute or two of being petted. Whether she does or not, I expect to conk out almost immediately. I hope I don't wake up at four o'clock in the morning with the "OMG Donald Trump is going to be President" sweats again.
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