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Goosed [Feb. 11th, 2016|12:04 am]
Flocks of geese are heading north again tonight. They could be in for a surprise when the weather turns cold and rainy again next Wednesday. They really ought to get online and visit some weather web sites. But I guess geese can't afford the mobile phone charges. Plus they have no pockets to keep the phones in. I don't think I'd like to be a goose. I do enjoy hearing them, though.

I also enjoy hearing the frogs, who are still being quite vocal though the rain is long gone. The bucket that catches drips of rain from the leak on my back porch had about three inches of water in it two days ago, and it has now completely evaporated, so I would imagine the frog habitat is drying quickly too. I do hope they can hang on for another week, when the streams and ponds will probably get replenished.

While it was still mild today, it wasn't what I'd call warm. I only had a few windows open and only for an hour or so. It's supposed to get warmer again by Sunday, so I'll be able to air the house out again then. It was nice having it open for a couple of days, and I look forward to having a couple more warm days early next week even if the warmth makes the weeds in my yard go crazy. They are popping up like, well, weeds, and I definitely don't look forward to pulling them, but it will have to be done soon. I don't want the feral cats to be getting nettles, burrs, and foxtails in their fur.

Tonight I'm stuffed with avocados. One of the stores had them for 25 cents each Sunday and I bought eight. I fear the five I've got left will rot before I can devour them. Clearly I overbought, but I couldn't resist such a deal. I wonder if geese like avocados?
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Nice [Feb. 9th, 2016|09:54 pm]
It was head-yanking day with the chiropractor today, and my head is still attached to my body! (I wonder what Tchaikovsky would have made of chiropractic adjustments? At one point in his life he developed a phobia in which he envisioned his head falling off and rolling up the aisle of the concert hall while he was conducting. An adjustment probably would have scared him to death.) Anyway, I'm all in one piece and will probably sleep better tonight then I have lately, as I've been finding it very difficult to get a comfortable position for my head because I keep getting pains in my neck when I turn it.

The weather is still mild, and I've been hearing many flocks of geese heading north. They should really reconsider, as a false spring here is frequently followed by some pretty chilly days, and sometimes even snow. I'd really like to see some snow before this winter ends. There was a thin coat of it a couple of weeks ago but I slept through it and then the rain returned and it washed away before I woke. I only found out about it through hearsay, which means it wouldn't have been admissible in a court of law. For all I got out of it, it might as well not have happened.

The truncated Safeway ad arrived in the mail today, and there will be cheap kitty litter at their Friday-only sale, so I'm really hoping I can arrange to go shopping that day. I won't know everything that's on sale this week until the new Internet ad appears on their web site tomorrow morning. As much as I hate shopping I do enjoy looking at the ads and making a list. That, and getting really good bargains, are the only things that compensate for the act of shopping itself.

Funny, there was all sorts of stuff I thought of writing while my Internets connection was down, but now that it's back I can't remember a single bit of it. I guess I'll go outside and listen to the frogs croak for a while. It's very nice out.
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I Can Has Internets? [Feb. 8th, 2016|08:33 pm]
Yes, I can. But I got way behind being offline for eight days, so I probably can't catch up with what I missed. I've been trying all afternoon and evening, but haven't made much of a dent in the missing mass. As it turns out, the loss of connection wasn't all mechanical. Once the rain ended I ought to have gotten my connection back, just as I did before the repair two weeks ago, but when I set up the appointment for today I used AT&T's automated system, and the system apparently has an order to shut down Internet for anybody with a telephone line problem.

AT&T still thinks of itself as a telephone company that also provides Internet, not realizing that most of its traffic is now Internet-related, so it should be thinking of itself as an ISP that also provides some telephone services. Until they do that I think they'll keep screwing up. Well, they'd probably screw up if they thought the other way around, too, but they'd probably screw up the telephone service more and the Internet service less.

Anyway. The rainy days are gone, for now, and we have been having a veritable heat wave. It was nice to have the windows open most of the day today and yesterday, and I hope to have them open for a while again tomorrow, even though it will be a mere 71 degrees. Quite a drop form today's 82. Yes, 82 degrees on February 8th. After tomorrow highs should drop down into the 60s, and there is no rain in sight for about ten days. After that it might cool off again and get rainy. I do hope so. Mid-February is much too early for winter to end.

Oh, plants are bursting from the ground and I expect camellias to bloom any day now. One of the azalea bushes is already putting out a few blossoms. The rose bushes are getting new growth, too. Ten days of mild weather are apt to turn the whole landscape springlike. Then if winter comes back it will all get frosted, and actual spring will be dull when it finally shows up. In short, it could turn out to be a very sucky spring. But maybe somebody with more money than me will sacrifice a bull to Persephone and things will turn out OK after all. I'm not counting on it, though. The last few years have lowered by expectations. If August finds my yard littered with dead shrubs and bleached feral cat bones, while I am reduced to recycling my own urine, I won't be surprised. But if it comes to that I hope that at least I'll have Internet. Where else could I go to publicly bemoan my fate?
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AT&T Bites [Feb. 3rd, 2016|04:33 pm]
So it rained Saturday and Sunday the Internet was gone again. The telephone was there, though with some static, but the Internets have been gone ever since. The guy who climbs poles won't come back until next Monday (with the same ten-hour window of opportunity he had last time) and maybe I will get Internets back then. Until then I'm stuck with brief opportunities to be online with an unfamiliar computer (gah, the keyboard!) with borrowed Internets via a borrowed cell phone line of limited bandwidth. It's immensely irritating to use, so I might not bother for the rest of the week, and so I might not be back until Monday, and not then if AT&T screws up again.

Anyway, I'm not dead (yet) but, given that I've got no full-time Internets it's very close to the same thing. I am a digital zombie, starving for lack of brains. Can't eat AT&T's brains. It has none. If I do get Internets back Monday there'll be a lot of catching up to do. The e-mail alone will probably take a day or more.

Meanwhile, here's compensatory Wednesday Verse, of my own composition, for the Sunday Verse I was unable to post:

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Good? [Jan. 30th, 2016|11:59 pm]
The shopping is done, but an unintentional nap after I got home knocked me out for three hours, and here it is almost midnight and I'm undone, or at least haven't finished doing what I intended to do this evening, including writing this entry— well, not this entry, as I'm sure I'd have written a different entry had I not slept the last three hours away.

But at least I didn't miss any English people being murdered because the local PBS channel isn't showing those reruns anymore. Well, I guess them not being shown means I did miss them, but then you know what I mean. Or if you do know what I mean, could you please tell me? because at this point I'm not at all sure of anything. Aftersleep fuzziness, I guess. My goodness, what a lot of italics!

Anyway. I think maybe I should try to go back to sleep because I think I was having an interesting dream when I woke from my unintentional nap, and I'm thinking my subconscious might like to know how it turns out. I'd like to know, too, but I'm quite sure I never will. Hell, I don't even know what this entry is about, and I'm awake— sort of— for this. Good night, Or good morning. Or good, night!
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Ominous [Jan. 29th, 2016|07:59 pm]
This afternoon I saw a brown bird standing in the rain in my back yard. It was a comical sight with ominous undertones. Entirely ominous was the pond which formed on much of the back lawn. It's not at all good for the septic system to have a pond on top of the leach field. The rain remained more or less furious for hours. The house gutters overflowed in several places, and the gravel path near the back gate was washed thin. I'll have to rake the gravel back when the rain ends.

There's supposed to be a break in the weather tomorrow, which is when I'll go to the stores, but the rain might be back on Sunday. The first week of February is expected to be mostly sunny and dry, but it's going to get much colder. There will probably be more nights when the feral cats' water bowls will freeze. Another big utility bill, then.

It got very foggy for a while this evening when the rain let up for half an hour or so. It was after nightfall, so it was too dark for me to see how limited visibility was, but the streetlight on the next block behind my house got very hazy, so I'm guessing it was no more than 300 feet. I wish it had gotten foggy while there was still some light in the sky. I do enjoy a foggy dusk.

I bought some cornbread last Sunday and put it in the bread box and then promptly forgot about it. If I heat it up it will still be good, so I'm having it for dinner with some soup. It's a good night for soup. And even if soup can't get rid of omens, at least it should help me forget about them for a while.
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Not Very Smart [Jan. 28th, 2016|11:49 pm]
Sunlight failed to make more than brief appearances today, but there were several short periods of sprinkles. The serious rain probably won't begin until sometime after midnight. How long after midnight is any body's guess. Sunday's possible snow has been canceled, and is to be replaced by light rain, but there could be snow on Tuesday. Tuesday is a silly day for snow. Snow should fall on the weekend, so people can enjoy it, and so commuters won't have to drive through it. But then Tuesday's snow might be canceled too. All sorts of weather has a way of getting canceled around here.

Right now the sky is already so cloudy that I can see no stars, and probably won't even be able to see the moon when it rises. Oh, and not only have I heard no geese flying north tonight, late last night I heard a flock flying back south. They must have belatedly figured out that a few mild days did not mean that winter was over. One would expect geese to have more sense than to have flown north prematurely anyway, but apparently they don't. It's good to know that geese are no smarter than I am after all.

My not very smartness manifested itself in the discovery this evening that I forgot, when shopping last Sunday, yet another thing I needed. This forced me to improvise dinner again. Maybe it's good for me to have to do these last minute adjustments. Perhaps it stimulates my creativity. Maybe thinking creatively will slow the onset of dementia. But then it pretty obviously hasn't done anything to improve my ability to put together a complete shopping list, so maybe not.

At least this week's shopping list is going to be short, because there's not much on sale, so maybe I'll remember everything this time. If not I'll be eating a lot of peanut butter sandwiches again next week. There's always plenty of peanut butter in the house. If I ever run out of that I'll know it's time to go into a home. Unless I forget, of course.
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Catawampus [Jan. 27th, 2016|10:38 pm]
Time flies when you're having flan. I'm not having flan, but time has flown anyway. The television grabbed me and made me stare at it for a few hours this evening. That machine is such an exhibitionist. Shameless! Now here it is past my dinnertime and I haven't even gone out to listen for geese or hear the frogs, and the poor, neglected Internets must be devastated that I've given it so little of my time today.

I haven't even checked F*c*b**k. Now it's too late. There are leftovers to be heated up and combined with something microwaved, and then there will be more television to be watched. What is to be done about shopping this week is still up in the air, and I'm doing my best not to think about it. I suppose it's likely that any plans I make will go totally catawampus, anyway. Flan was never like this.
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Goosed [Jan. 26th, 2016|07:13 pm]
Flocks of geese are still flying north. I heard one a few minutes ago, and there might have been others earlier but I haven't been outside much this evening. For the last couple of evenings I've heard two or three flocks go by within about an hour or so, starting around dusk. But it's gotten chillier again, and I don't feel like staying out to listen for them. The frogs don't seem to be bothered by the declining temperature so far, though, as I can still hear them croaking loudly.

Right now I'm spoiling my dinner and ruining my teeth with a candy bar. My dinner plans were disrupted by my discovery that I was out of a key ingredient, and now I have to rethink, and I was too hungry to wait to figure out what to have instead so I'm eating candy. In fact it's the candy bar the cat hid last week. I finally found it last night, stuck in between a couple of stacks of books on the floor. How she managed to wedge it in there I don't know, but there it was. Surprisingly, her claws had failed to puncture the wrapper, so it was still unsullied and quite edible. Candy wrappers are tougher than they used to be. I'm guessing it will now survive in the landfill for a thousand years or more. Too bad they can't make really useful things (like computers) that would last that long.

I'm not sure how much longer this particular computer will last. It's being very slow again tonight, even though the problem with the Internets connection has been fixed. Actually the machine might keep working for years and years yet, but just keep getting slower and slower. I can imagine myself poking away at the keyboard in 2020, waiting several seconds between pokes for each letter to pop up on the monitor. Right now I can type several letters before getting a stall, but it gets worse all the time. Poor old Butch. He's got digital Alzheimer's disease. Maybe we can go into The Home together.

Now I'm going to go stare into the pantry for a while to see what I might find to substitute for what I'd intended to have for dinner. It won't have to be a big meal as the candy bar took the edge off of my appetite. A can of soup might be nice on this chilly night. Mmmmm, soup.
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Reconnected [Jan. 25th, 2016|08:35 pm]
It was another mild and mostly sunny day, and was apparently even milder and sunnier in the valley, as when dusk had almost hidden the landscape I heard a large flock of geese winging north through the dim sky. I couldn't seen them, but judging from the racket it was quite a substantial flock. There was a small flock flying north last night, but much quieter. It must be the warmish weather that is sending the birds north. Odds are I'll be hearing them flying back south in a few days when it gets colder again. . The rain is expected to resume on Friday, and to be fairly intense, but the biggest news is that there is some possibility of snow here on Sunday. Probably not very much snow, but snow at least.

The likelihood of rain on Friday and the possibility of Snow on Sunday makes my shopping trip problematic. I don't like going out in heavy rain, but the roads can be dangerous in snow. Maybe I ought to go on Thursday, if it can be arranged. Saturday is a possibility. It could be rainy then too, though probably less rainy than Friday. I'm now half hoping that Safeway won't have anything I really want on its Friday sale, as I hate missing a good bargain because of the weather.

Whatever the outcome of the rain, though, I should be able to keep my Itnernets, barring a full-on power outage. The AT&T guy arrived early this morning and, after hearing the problem explained, opened up a box at the street end of the line and found that it had gotten leaky, probably due to squirrels messing with it. It had nuts and acorns in it! Some of the wires in it were damaged and barely connected, so they were replaced. The leak is fixed as well, so the problem is most likely fixed, and I shouldn't be getting outages when it rains anymore. At least not until those squirrels get busy using the equipment for nut storage again, which shouldn't be until next fall when they have a fresh crop of nuts to store.

The frogs are in full voice tonight— probably another result of the mildness of the day and evening. I'm going to go out and listen to them for a while before settling down in front of the television. I'll probably fall asleep early, as I didn't get much last night and had no nap today. I might make some popcorn, though. I had a late lunch and don't feel like eating dinner. Should I nod off early, a snack will keep hunger from waking me up in the middle of the night.
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